Extraordinary line-up for this year's Victorious Festival!!

You didn’t think they could top last year did you? Well, once again the guys and girls behind the scenes have truly out done themselves.
With Manic Street Preachers and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds headlining, the super cheap ticket prices of £30 per day (until the 1st July, £35 after), feels too good to be true. Not to mention the endless list of other amazing bands playing (line up here).
As with previous festivals, there is so much more than the awesome line up, there is the Market Way with a great selection of stalls, a real ale tent, more food stalls than you can shake a baguette at, a silent disco, and free entry to all of the seafront attractions such as Southsea Skatepark, Blue Reef Aquarium, D-Day Museum, AND Southsea Castle…..phew!
The festival is completely family friendly. Returning this year is the Kids-Arena, there is so much fun stuff to do here for you and your little monkeys.
Mini Fairground, face painting, bouncy castles, crafts, Jungle Buddies playbus and loads more.

So don’t miss out, get your tickets HERE before they sell out!
We’ll see you there, at the front of the crowd, dancing like no one is watching, faces painted, with a huge smile to boot!!

Roll on Victorious!!!

Greek Holiday in a 'nutshell'- The Greek Islands.

With a myriad of options to choose from, and inspiration from ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ to ‘Mamma Mia!’- deciding where to go in and around Greece and it’s spectacular islands, can leave you feeling confused. So whether you’re a ‘dancing queen’ or need to consider your ‘money money money’, perhaps our suggestions can give you some helpful tips. There’s sandy beaches, turquoise oceans, delicious Mediterranean food and awe-inspiring relics galore. The holiday of your dreams awaits you.

Expect the imposing ruins and castles, set in contrast to vibrant waterside restaurants and bars. Skiathos offers something for everyone, proving itself as a popular destination. The perfect retreat for those seeking tranquillity, boat-trips, and café culture by day, and music, and dancing by night at the more lively resorts if you so wish.
Explore beautiful landscapes (including wonderful forests), and enjoy the promenades and marinas. Or wander to the hill side areas above the port to admire the charm of the plazas, churches, and gardened houses.
Skiathos has the ambiance you wish for during idyllic island holidays,. We’ve been recommended The Skiathos Princess Hotel, another trip advisor favourite, as a great place to stay – it is near the night-life of clubs and tavernas. but surrounded by magnificent and romantic beaches too.

Few places in the world will give you such an insight into ancient history as Rhodes. Even if architecture and archaeology are not on your holiday wish list, then this island has a multitude of attractions.
But the main attraction, is undoubtedly the natural beauty of the island, and its meandering coastline, where lazy days can be spent in an idyllic setting, while the adventurous can try their hand at sports and activities.  
As for the inland areas, why not wonder at the famous ‘Valley of the Butterflies’ or the magnificent mountain terrain that dominates the interior of the island. If you take a little time to explore, you will discover charming villages, and natural splendour, as well as the beautiful bays of southern Rhodes.
There are also several smaller islands that can be reached during a boating day-trip, that combines the wonders of antiquity, with peaceful Mediterranean lifestyle– a truly memorable experience.
Whether you prefer quiet indulgence, and natural beaches, night-life and night-clubs, or are looking for an adrenalin packed action holiday, Rhodes is bound to enchant.
Base yourself near all the attractions at the Atlantic Aegean Blue. It has a trip advisor traveller’s choice award, and is close enough to the city to ensure absolute convenience, yet far enough away from the urban hub of Rhodes to allow for relaxation.

How does a week or so of idyllic days roaming through olive groves, meeting friendly locals, enjoying boating adventures and sea swims sound?
The influence of many cultures has added to the ambiance of the island. Meditate on ancient times, and visit the streets and temples that have featured in works of art and literature from the Durrell Brothers to Edward Lear.
For those with a desire for action-packed water-sports and a vibrant night-life, there is no shortage of things to do. Even being compact in nature, Corfu packs in a lot of attractions ensuring that even the most discerning traveller will have a memorable holiday.

A location that’s close to the beaches, lush with greenery, and convenient to local attractions is the key to a great holiday. With many resorts to choose from, and great deals on resorts such as the Aquis Sandy Beach, with it’s good trip advisor reviews, you will have plenty of options.

Dyson Cordless DC59 Review.

Ok, so I might have whinged about moving house in my previous cordless hoover review, but 2015 is the year of the vacuum. Like seriously.

Since having carpets when you have cats is the most ludicrous floor choice, it is all I can do to take my place in the house as resident dust remover, trying out a myriad of gadgets. The Mrs and I have a house-work agreement. I do the washing-up, she does the laundry, and we take it in turns to hoover.

Yet i'll tell you something, with this cordless delight, it certainly makes chores a tad easier. 

The Dyson cordless DC59 model comes in a variety of models, of which our choice, is the obvious animal edition. It boasts many features, including an impressive dual layer dust capturing system, a selection of add-ons like upholstery and stair attachments, a power-boost button, and a really simple to empty bin.

We fixed the hoover with it's own charging station to a wall, admired the, design,  lightness and ability to lie basically flat and get under most cupboards, and waited for it to fully charge.

So our interiors, as mentioned before, are mostly carpeted, and we have some hard floors/lino in the kitchen and bathroom. The vacuum runs when you hold the button down in the handle, which is useful because it saves battery-power when you don't need it, but can also be quite tiring if you are holding it for a full house-clean.

The boost function works tremendously for carpets, it makes pushing it along slightly tougher, but the sheer amount that gets vacuumed up into the bin is ridiculous, by far more than our other more conventional corded vacuum. So as the bin is so compact, you kind of have to empty this a lot. More or less room by room. The other downside to this mode, is that it drains the charge ferociously, in about twenty minutes max. 
The boost is needed much less on hard/solid floorings. Indeed, perhaps it works less efficiently than the normal gliding function. On normal mode, it is really easy to clean in all the corners of a kitchen or behind a bathroom unit. Changing the attachments now and then, for the stairs, or curtain rails. We noticed that the filter simply falls out if you tilt the vacuum upside down, which is oddly disconcerting, but in normal use does not seem to be an issue. It does need regular cleaning however, and dismantling it is very easy. With it's sleek design and clear bin- meaning that dirt is visible- surely it would be weird to clean with something that is not clean itself. 

It's great having a cordless vacuum for cleaning things like your car, and it really is very simple and easy to use. It has completely made the need for any other hoover redundant in our house, and we like how it converts from an upright to a handheld with the click of a button.

The Dyson DC59 range is available at many high-street shops, but can be ordered online via www.dyson.co.uk/ with next day delivery.

Pics courtesy of the www.dyson.co.uk site.

Southsea Fest Returns.

On October 1st 2016, Southsea Fest is returning for it’s 10th anniversary, and it is going to be one hell of a party!

After taking a year off in 2015, the Cap’n and her crew will be manning the decks, setting sail and heading full throttle into the history books.
With almost double the amount of venues booked up, including one of the biggest live music venues in Portsmouth, The Pyramids Centre, the festivals capacity has grown to an amazing 6000.
With more venues and this capacity, it can only mean one thing- more acts. 

In fact over 100 artists will be performing across the festival, which means they will be something to suit all tastes of music.

Keep an eye out for what is undoubtedly going to be an epic line up on their website, and while you’re at it, go grab yourself a ticket HERE. Get them fast, you won’t want to miss this!

Chic Essentials- Aurora Kettle by Breville.

When it comes to everyday essentials, theres not much more essential to many, than a good cup of tea. On average, we know in the Biscuit household we make tea at least a few times daily, thus rendering the kettle nearly top of the most useful items we own. So why compromise on style with something so necessary?

We were delighted to showcase the new Aurora kettle by Breville, with its elegant design, and almost retro hints, and couldn't wait to get the cuppas flowing to test out its usability.

We chose the stylish cream version, because whilst we love the funky black and red versions, this just complimented our decor at the moment, and I expect like with the rest of the collection, the almost matt like sheen is so chic, it just blends effortlessly into your kitchen environment.

The illumination when on, makes a hint of a modern statement with a cool-blue light effect, and with regard to the base, the 360-degree swivel design allows for ease of use, with no frustrated attempts at trying to connect the kettle to make it work.

With a capacity of 1.5litres, its an approximate 6-cup kettle (more if you wish to use a fancy vintage tea-cup set, and why not when you have such stylish appliances to match), it's light-weight, and simple with no awkward handles. The only thing we did note, was re-filling it straight after use might be difficult, as the stainless steel design (in particular the lid) gets quite hot, however the fast time for tea-production from tap to mug is very efficient.

It's definitely an investment kettle for at around £49.99, but it is a quality appliance we imagine will be used for years with it's timeless style and efficiency.

Available now at many high-street locations including Debenhams and Littlewoods.

Nutritious delights with the Nutribullet.

Let me just say, if you think this is just another blender, you are wrong.

Whilst you might think this another super-healthy-juice-crazy promotion, we can honestly say, that this is the single most useful gadget we have in our kitchen. Its uses far exceed the simple smoothie or green mush, because its primary high power extractor-blade is very strong, and makes no complaint with ice or the firmest of veg. We reviewed the 12 piece original NutriBullet set, which also comes with a useful milling-blade, helping you pulse up nuts and seeds into a fine flour you can include in lots of recipes.

The benefit of getting a kit with accessories, also means that the whole family can use it at once, if say your husband fancies a smoothie, and you're prepping a sauce for dinner, you've got enough handy cups and mugs to go around.

It is not the quietest of gadgets, but it certainly is easy to use. It's a simple as putting a lid on a cup and pushing it down onto the mechanism. Most items are reduced to a smooth puree in under 20secs, which indeed is even healthier that juicing, as it includes all that lovely fibre.

Our top not-so-naughty healthy treat to make is-

Creamy banana vanilla ice-cream.

Simply chop up x2 ripe bananas, and freeze.
Pop them in your nutribullet or food processor.
Add 2tsp of almond milk.
Also include optional 2tsp of maple syrup and/or a dash of vanilla essence.
Blend away until it creates a creamy think consistency, add more milk if necessary. 

More recipe options and pic courtesy of BBC Food.

The NutriBullet is compact, strong, versatile, and available in great deals on HighStreetTV.com.

*Press sample provided, however review entirely our own opinion.

Digital bathroom scales with a difference.

My first impressions of the Ozeri WeightMaster II, reflected it's modern yet pleasing design, however the myriad of additional functions it had aside from actually just weighing you, at first, put me off. Ever technologically challenged, I asked Mr Biscuit to assist, and after a good read of the instructions, I was pleased to understand the excellent functionality of the machine and was eager to set it up for us both, especially if they work well alongside our health regime. 

It was indeed, quite easy to set up, and what makes them unique is the fact that they are designed so that up to x8 individuals can use their pre-set programmes.This means you simply put your height and weight in, and then it guides you through everything. Once started, with your initial weight, it will from then on, light up red or green depending on a gain or loss. It's actually quite motivational, trying to constantly keep in the green if you are trying to loose the pounds.

It has an added extra of an anti-bacterial surface, helping you maintain your home's cleanliness, and keeping the freshness of the design colour you choose, so that it blends into your interior decor.

There are unfortunately a few negatives to these bathroom scales. As a personal preference I would have liked a stone option, rather than just kilograms and pounds, and secondly, we just cannot seem to get an accurate reading in our house. It does state that a hard, flat surface is required, and apparently, according to the drastic variation of up to 20lbs that weighing ourselves from a side of the kitchen to the other shows, our floorboards must really not be level. Or if you use it on carpet or vinyl flooring, it doesn't settle and no reading is made.

All in all, some fab helpful technology here, but only useful if you perhaps have a tiled floor.

The Ozeri Weightmaster II is available here on Amazon.
Pic courtesty of Ozeri on Amazon.co.uk/