Sensationally odd....

Reflecting on my life today, I spent a happy day dream reminiscing on the eclectic range of styles I have displayed upon my very person. Now look, I'm not able to say "back in the day", or lean thoughtfully on the breakfast bar, gazing upwards in a wistful fashion relaying fond memories of the 80's (in those days I sported pampers and delightful rainbow unitards- I had no chance did I?), but I have always been a tad odd.
I was the one who, upon spotting the delights that are jelly shoes in Primark the other day, had to go one step further-excitedly finding the assistant to ask with wide-eyes when the heeled versions that came out in in good ol' 1998 were making a comeback.
Incidentally they are not. I suppose this is a good thing.

I have never quite conformed to the norm, and by norm I mean sliding yourself elegantly into one genre of style or another. I would rather miss-match everything until they clash in an array of eccentricity. There may have been jellies, there was indeed a hat fashioned to make me look like a sheep (fondly known as sheepy hat to my friends. RIP sheepy hat), but for a while there was frump-tastic frumpington avenue chic that I have now thankfully abandoned. What happened? Ah yes...the early twenties rut. The disillusionment in the attempts to grow up that whirl you into the trench of office clothes and self deprecating stress-holes.

It was only the other day when a charming taxi driver exclaimed over my "going-to-a-wedding" outfit that I knew I was me again. Only because I wasn't going to a wedding at all, I was simply wearing an outfit that fitted my mood that day. He also asked if I did ok in my A-levels, which amazingly, means I only look 18. Awesome-o. happy little fashionistas- Today I present you with an outfit I would take great pleasure in wearing- and also promote the wonderful people who you can buy such sweet items from....

A spectacular combination here of some of my favourite things. Add comfy band T-shirt (preferably something epic like the featured Slayer), with boyish oversized cardys, and a pair of leggings or 60 denier tights. The wayfarer glasses are a bonus, and with shops like John Lewis sporting their own version of the classic Ray-ban style at only £10, you have no excuse.
You can purchase the sweet cardy and gaze at some other shots of this outfit here:

Not quirky enough yet...check out has some fantabulous hats,
and to complete to outfit, does these shoes....AMAZING!
Oh, and if you haven't discovered yet, you simply must.