The vault of eccentricity

It is often that I peruse the internet admiring trinkets that are weird and wonderful. I feel it helps inspire my art and my writing...but sometimes my discoveries are so bizarre that they linger in the very crevices of my mind and manifest as nightmares. Ok, so thats a slight exageration, these items are not quite as macarbe as all that, but I felt the need to share none-the-less. Enjoy my pretties....

Paranoid? Me?
See Joe Malia for details

These however, I feel could be infinately useful...

The Spiced Lady ring for seasoning convieniance

and the pilo-pilo mini cushion ring
Genius! by Pilo Pilo

There are some that make me really question the meaning of life, like the Jerky pants, but then I discovered how entertaining the guys at were

You thought Id stop at this didnt you. I didnt. I found
and saw items that could start conversations like no other.
I mean...come on- how often will someone say "ooh, I do like your earrings, what are they?", and youll get to reply...
"Theyre made of tiny dolls hands so they can dangle from my ears in silent applause".
They do exist- check the link!

I will close this cabinet of the deranged with two pieces highly unique jewelry.
Till next time.

Rex with a rifle @Hannah Zakari

Good luck elephant @Magicalponyfarm