Balance- the Equilibrium of hair

My hair wants love.
Loving hair should be eeeeasy cos its beeeeautiful (Harr!)

....but wait! It is! Living Nature products have the most magnificent scent- their combination of New Zealand found natural ingredients sort of accumulate into your nostrils to explode in sumptuousness. I want to eat it (please note, whim biscuit does not encourage the consumption of shampoos).

There are no synthetic preservatives and the products are bursting with essential oils. Here we have a duo of hair treats. Now...Im a bit reluctant to classify my "hair type" as Im pretty sure I don't have one. Sometimes my hair is a bit oily, and sometimes its dry. Then again Im sure that some days its a tad greasy on top but dry at the ends....isn't this just utterly normal?
Yes...yes it is.

Thus I bring you the "balancing" products. They nourish your locks and give them what they need. They contain no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), and use manuka honey and kelp to make your hair super awesome. After just one use of shampoo and conditioner, I found my hair to be supremely moisturised- it was spectacularly soft! There are so many oils used in the formulation that I was astounded and I am sure you will be too.
Check 'em out guys!