Is that a pout I see before me?

Its winter. Lets face it...the sun is not coming out to play (and I haven't even been to a decent BBQ this year!) However this means a real change in the make-up draw department.
Gone are the dewy tinted moisturizers, and timid shimmers. Fresh faced and nude is to be replaced with creamy and decadent.
Okay- I may be going a bit OTT with the whole transition thing, but it is this season that harbors the radiance of soft lights and tawny leaves, so with the tanned look gone (safe and faked I presume) and the weird inbetweeny skin peeking through- autumn calls for a smooth complexion and natural yet vibrant colours- Think basking in orange tinted leaves and the fresh greens of city parks.

"Yeah yeah"....I hear you say....."I totally get how to vary the eyeshadow- and I can even experiment with foundations- but what about the lips? What is acceptable here?"

Well missus... let me astound you. I am a firm believer in the glory that is organic, and upon that very note I discovered the most fabulous range of not-quite-stick-like lip lustres.


Goo free, gloss like, and non sticky- these are magnificent. They stain the lips just the right amount- its the perfect must have option for autumn!
I opted for two shades- and I must say I was VERY experimental. Normally a faithful addict to my Estee Lauder lipstick collection of varying tones of the same rose tint- I went all out here!

"Seduce me" is an awesome pinky purple shade that glides on your lips and smells divine daaarling! You just have to smack those lips together and give it a little rub to obtain the most decadent girly pout of all barbie time. Of course this is infinitely more tasteful and glamourous than miss plastic fantastic herself- I really cannot be more thrilled.

Then again- that was before I discovered "Temptress". Its cherry pie cute! The way its between a lipstick and a gloss means you can lather it on to get a full set look, or smudge a little on like a tint. Either way it lasts a perfectly acceptable time and looks amazing.

What's even more amazing is they are moisturizing, decadent, and free from:
-Synthetic Fragrances
-Synthetic Dyes

I find this very eco sexy, and so should you!