Learning to accept your loved ones folded crisp problem...

For all the people out there who have not admitted to themselves that actively searching for the crisp that meets your standards is actually becoming an issue...fear not- you are not alone.

This "problem" often becomes suppressed when the subject begins to feel alienated by "those who are ignorant" who watch in mild confusion whilst the subject shakes the packet of crisps irately.

Of course you have the common bubbled crisp, the humble over flavoured crisp...and indeed the lesser-spotted curved crisp. You have much to learn my friend- for it is another beautiful occurance that is the saviour- the savoury crisp treat of dreams....


It is epic.
It is....hand-clapping-ly good. Its fully folded baby!

If you also find this ever so exciting, or indeed, you haven't encountered a crisp snob yet- check out this CHERRAPENO blog. Where people have shared in their obsession and found people to relate to.
Say it:
I AM A FOLDED CRISP SNOB.... Embrace it.