Ooh I say... your face does radiate so!

There are some days that I wake up and feel like my skin is sad- Like its wailing in its needs to be rejuvenated. Wouldn't it be nice if you could apply some sort of miracle cream or goo and once removed, your skin feels like its free...FREE! Its that fresh feeling that makes you want to rub your skin in delight, and then perhaps go and rub your face on other peoples faces just so that they know how soft and rub-able your skin is.

My skin was'nt happy this morning- so I went for a bit of an epidermis-loving treat- in the form of:

It sounds like some sort of superhero- bound in its quest to salvage your complexion. Thing is...it kinda is.

Im a big fan of the natural skin care movement, and Decleor is a pretty awesome brand in itself. Its selection of oils and treatments that harbor the best ingredients can work veritable wonders.
Phytopeel is an exfoliator in the Decleor range. Its clay based and contains no horrible grainy bits. I don't know why but I've never liked exfoliating and feeling little beads scraping at my face, I always subconsciously wonder if they do any damage- so I was jubilant when I discovered this.
It's a very attractive pearlised paste that comes out this innocent looking tube. Its got a nice creamy but dry texture and spreads across the skin quite delightfully. I implore you to apply it to your face AND neck, and once you've got a nice thin layer on, leave it to dry for a minute.

Once dry, it almost feels powdery, and you get that lovely tightening feeling like your having a mini face lift. My favorite thing to do, is pulling all my hair up in some sort of disturbing top knot, clipping my fringe off my face, and massaging it onto my skin before settling into a hot bath. The steam almost seems to help bring the blood to the surface- and I cant help imagining all the nasty rebel impurities being pushed up and then sucked out stuck to the wonderful clay goodness.

The trick to major success in this is two step. Firstly when your sure its dry, you start to rub at the skin (gently) in a circular motion until the phytopeel starts to fall off in little balls of rubbery grime (you can really see the dirt you never realised was there come off- the bits turn a sort of grey colour that makes you feel uber guilty for ever letting your skin suffer in unknown dirtiness). Secondly you can do one of two things. If your in the bath, get a nice 100% cotton cloth, and sooth the remaining paste off by pressing the hot wet cloth on your face. OR if your doing it normally- its really easy to clean it away by using a good toner (particularly a complimenting Decleor one).

Voila! your face is velvety, smooth and lovely.

Phytopeel is suitable for all skin types, and is recommended to be used once or twice a week. It contains essential oils of majoram, lavender, lemon, thyme, extracts of burdock, elder and mallow. Mmmm Mallow. I have no idea why but mallow just makes it sound more luxurious...