Realness of Concealness- Does what it says on the tin...

It's 8pm. Your meeting your friends- ooo let's say- about a half an hour ago.... Not only is your hair some sort of birds nest vs madonna circa 1985, but you have the complexion of someone who's stayed up for a a desert...with no water.

I always glare with beady eyes at those fashionista types that flit gracefully down the red carpet- their face basking in irradescent beauty. I know their airbrushed- its the fact that they know how to/know someone who can airbrush that makes me jealous. I want that look.

Enter: Realness of Concealness. A little kit of wonder that accumulates two of my fave things...pretti-full make up, and collections. I always said the best meal was a buffet- it totally beats having one meal of the same thing. This way you can have little treats of wonder in one totally spiffing box.
Behold- it is a buffet of the face variety.

In this shiny box of wonder we have many delights:
- ooh la lift instant under-eye brightening boost
lip plump primer for full, sexy lips
high beam luminescent complexion highlighter
lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer
boi-ing 02 industrial-strength concealer

Ooh la lift: Is a illumine-scent liquid that highlights in just the right way to make it look like you've had a little nip and tuck in that baggy eye area. The texture is just right to allow instant rub-bage into the delicate creases.

Lip plump fab. Nuff said. I used it literally as a primer for the lips under my fave lipstick...not a very dark one- one that also accentuates the pout. I was Bardot-esque- it was magnificent!

High beam: for those who want cheekbones that cut glass like diamonds...and shimmer ever so slightly too. Its great just under the brow too to give that clean cut lifted look!

Lemon-aid: AMAZING, its like the miracle cream that rinses out all the funny complexion irregularities you get on the eyelid. The yellow simply abolishes it all and gives you a perfect base for any eye colour- helps it stay on longer too!

Boi-ing 02: Industrial strength indeed. lol. Sometimes I mix it up with a little lemon aid for under the eye. Also excellent for random spots- doesn't clog in a horrible flakey skin mess either...awesome.

Versatile and compact- carry it everywhere!