Aeto Botanica- Treat your hair to the wonders of nature

Ooh 'botanica'- doesn't that just send images of waterfalls and rain-forests pouring into your mind? You think of those lovely tropical places where you can wash your locks in glorious surroundings with the finest local secret hair oils etc.
I implore you to check out the Aeto Botanica philosophy for it is most enlightening and explains how they utilize natural ingredients from many cultures, whilst respecting the ecology.
What I have found really interesting recently, was whether there were effective natural products that could recreate the look and feel of salon brand goods. Of course there are! How silly of me!

Aeto Fortifying Oil: Contains Extra virgin olive, Babussu, Jojoba, Rosemary, and Lavender Oils. Non greasy and moisturizing, this product seeks to protect against environmental stress and offer effective anti-oxidants to your hair and scalp.
I found this treatment to be most invigorating and my hair was sooo soft afterwards. While massaging it in it was stimulating and had a gorgeous scent. I felt rather pampered!
Use once a week, and perhaps activate the oils by putting a cap on to heat it before washing.

Scalp De-toxer Oil: Contains Nigella, Lavender, Rosemary, Clary, Ylang Ylang, and Sweet Almond oils. They work together aiming to stimulate circulation on the scalp, and perhaps heal any dry scalp conditions like dandruff. It claims to be a balancing treatment.
I liked this product as it felt nice when I massaged it in. It was very relaxing and after 15 minutes reclining in the bath I washed it off very easily with shampoo. Afterwards my scalp looked as healthy as a scalp should look so yes...lovely.
Use before washing once or twice a week leaving in around 15 mins or so.

Reviving Drops with Bamboo and Seaweed Essences:
Contains these ingredients for what they say are the following reasons.
-Organic Red seaweed extract for mineral goodness.
-Organic Hydrolyzed Algae extract for natural sun protection
-Plant amino acids to protect against mechanical stress
-Bamboo extract for protection against environmental stress
-Vitamin F for shine
You use this on washed, towel dried hair from roots to ends. I love the packaging it is most exciting, and each treatment comes in little individual bottles with an applicator. It's not like an oil, in fact its just like water so very easy to apply. I worried that when I dried my hair there would be a residue, or it would be sticky, or indeed would make my hair greasy really quickly. I need not have worried. My hair was just as soft as usual, in fact it was a little less dry than it usually feels at the ends when I blow dry. I liked the feeling that I was protecting my hair by doing such an easy thing.

Yey for Aeto I say! Go check them out at