I washed my teeth today wearing a vintage fez...

It's true.
I have a fondness for the quirky and bizarre. I love the way my mother knows that I would enjoy such things, and when she handed me this eccentric find yesterday, she said that she knew it would probably make me happy.
So while I stood brushing my teeth this morning I pranced merrily and sort of boogied jubilantly in my very fine hat- In fact I'm wearing it while I write today, I feel that it can act as my muse...

Although wonderful hats are indeed most wonderful, its is also really rather cold today. Most days I have a strong instinct to build nest like comfort zones, and in times of dire weather this urge is almost overwhelming.

Step one: Put your jammies back on
Step two: Find a sofa that allows maximum reclining action.
Step three: Buy a blanket of love and joy

Like Orvis UK's Super soft blanket! They are amazing, and if you are like me you probably like rolling yourself up in duvets etc like a giant cigar to ensure ultimate warmth and comfort- thus buy the biggest you can. Its luxurious.

A king size blanket will ensure essential warmth from head to toe...you will want to hug it in delight every day and knead it like cats do when they find the finest softest spots to nap.

Available in colours 'camel' or 'cream', you will not be disappointed.