Saaf- pure and simple

There's nothing simple about Saaf. I just wrote that title because I wanted something short and sweet.
Marketed as a marriage between safe science and nature, all are crammed with highly concentrated therapeutic formulations. Cold pressed, the botanicals used are organic and full of healing properties, and to be quite frank, positively oozing in fabulousness!

All products are safe to use on sensitive skin, and there is a very humble back story to the origin of the range, whereby there became a need for family and friends to access skin care that was both effective and gentle. Many awards have been presented to the products, from organic beauty awards, acknowledgment from the vegetarian society, to entrepreneur of the year for Dr Mah.

I admire this woman.

The kit I sampled gave me great enjoyment. It was like a pick and mix of love, allowing you discover your favorites at a very reasonable price. If anything I'd purchase this kit for traveling with its convenient sizes and pretty little bottles.

The Pure Cleansing Balm: as an avid follower of the 3 step routine of cleansing, toning and nourishing, I was jubilant in this discovery. The balm was wax like but creamy at the same time. You only had to take very little and warm it up in your hands to see that very little went relatively far- perhaps I was a tad exuberant with it, spreading it luxuriously over my entire neck too.... Its like an all in one jobby, taking off eye make-up as well as the grime of daily living, however a cotton cloth soaked in warm water is advised to assist in the removal process. It contains such delights as jojoba oil, shea butter, lavender and geranium- so cannot complain! Leaving the skin literally feeling like smooth velvet- its one to stock up on.

Hydrating lip and face balm: oh my word this is awesome! Extreme moisture, skin repair, scar reducing, collagen boosting, and elastin loving- its like a pot of wonder! Also can be used for eczema sufferers, which is clearly positive and effective. I love carrying it around in my handbag for instant lip care on the go!

Ultimate moisture face serum: What one may find odd is that there is no toner in this kit. I puzzled for a bit but my pondering led me to an answer from Dr Mah herself.

"Saaf believe that toners and harsh exfoliators can damage the top layer of the skin, and therefore recommends washing your face with a mild cleanser, such as Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser, then

rinsing off with a soft muslin cloth which will act as a gentle exfoliator. Follow this skincare routine with a splash of cold water (nature's toner) and your Saaf moisturiser."

Huh....well you learn something new everyday....
Regardless I used this straight after cleansing, and voted this (its one of the two moisturisers in the kit) as my night cream replacement. Now, its almost an oil, almost a serum- but perfectly lovely to use. You can be as efficient or generous as you like- as it sinks in beautifully never leaving a horrible residue on your pillow. Saaf doesn't have a separate eye cream either so you may apply this liberally without worrying about ignoring your most delicate area. With pomegranate seed, rosehip seed oil, natural vit E, and safflower oil- it smoothes and firms even aged, sun damaged or dry skin.

Complexion boosting serum: Okay, so it was this that I chose as my day cream for its purifying, skin-tone-awesomeness. With lemongrass and juniper berry for breakouts and oily areas among its many composites- Its truly a rather dapper piece of kit. I loved putting it on under makeup, not finding it in the least bit slick or greasy. Cool beans...

Foot Softening balm: One sentence that summarizes how callous disposing-ly epic it is... "glorious-creamy-rub-worthy-footy-delight"

Eraser Body oil: I LOVE THIS!!!...why? cos it totally rocks my socks, thats why- For example- If it was a man, it would be a rather dashing one at that. Its like the most moisturising oil ever- you can lather it about and feel completely soft and UH-MAZE-ING.
To top that, its described as a correction fluid- for scars, blemishes etc, and prevents scar tissue from forming. Woot!

Super Hydrating body balm: Paste it on your elbows, smother it on your works miracles. Its like a super moisture injecting balm of power. Does what it says on the tin with its blend of natural lipids and fatty acids soothing and repairing the skin barrier.

Enriching hair oil: If I could sniff an angels head it would smell like this. Its basically a spectacular tonic that stimulates the scalp, reduces the look of split ends, and more or less blasts with selenium, zinc and iron. After use, my hair was super silky, soft and positively delightful. It felt excessively healthy, like my head had gone for a quick jog and a wheatgrass smoothie.

Now that you've heard me rant- check out the goodies... do it!
For all the UK fans, the lovely people at Savant Health can help you get your hands on Saaf products

Not tested on animals...tested on willing volunteers...ooh yeah....high five for the bunny love!