Sustainable skin with Sustainable Youth

Words cannot describe how simply marvelous this company's philosophy is.

"Sustainable Youth® Technologies is on a mission to restore the beauty of the environment – one person at a time. We want people of all ages to experience the freshness, vitality, condition and quality of feeling and appearing youthful.

“Youth is a sustainable resource that can be renewed indefinitely over time without a negative impact on the environment,” says Denise DeBaun, President and CEO of Sustainable Youth
® Technologies. “Everything we do is based on that core philosophy.”

At Sustainable Youth
® Technologies, our goal is to sustainably advance green science to achieve unparalleled results and offer our consumers clinically-proven, 100% organic, natural and green nutricosmetic, and cosmeceutical technologies, extracts and products that can visibly help improve and sustain beauty, youth and vitality from the inside out"- Paragraphs extracted from Sustainable Youth's website.

How wonderful is all that! I am mega impressed....But do you know what?...I'm actually more impressed with the products themselves.
Looking at their literature, I deduced that basically Sustainable Youth figure that:
A healthy immune system = healthier looking skin.
Well....yes, now that you think about it, that would indeed make sense I guess.

I may be an advocate of the belief that the body is thy temple- yet sadly to achieve the path to complete inner and outer wonderousness, one must have the dedication of a salmon intent on swimming against the tides....At the moment I have the will power of an ant, which is not a bad know, one of those working ants who attempt to carry like a zillion times their own weight, and it takes ages (getting squidged a few times) but they make it eventually.

Thus, ignoring my rantings, imagine my excitement to learn of the regime that assures me I'll get super skin fit. High five!

The Total Immune performance regime:
-Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement
-Immune Performance Elasticity cream
-Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum

Sustainable Youth suggest that they are ideally used in conjunction with one another as a complete regime- so I did as told and gave them all a go.

Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement:

These come as a 30 day supply of tablets, allowing you to take two a day (morning and evening), and they are about vitamin size if your wondering. It contains all natural ingredients and is a vegan formulation including their Alasta complex. This supplement is intended to help you from the inside out.
Now, it says it aids the skin to become more radiant and firm, and quite honestly I will say that my skin did indeed feel a little more lovely after just a few weeks. It seemed to be glowing in a non shiny way...illuminescent almost. Someone sat next to me once even apologized for staring as they were just admiring my skin. How cool is that?

Immune Performance Elasticity cream:
Right, so this is the cream you use morning and night over cleansed skin. It also contains their Alasta formulation, and lots of other goodies like jojoba (I love that word) oil and white tea extract. Its task is to soothe and hydrate for skin plumpness.
It's very lightweight however, and this bothered me at first- I think its a subconscious thing, almost as if creams that are not too creamy are not that good- yet I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. My face felt nourished and moisturized, and very supple. I also didn't get that annoying puffy thing going on under my eyes in the morning where the delicate area has absorbed too much overnight.

Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum:
I love serums. They say that serums are the treasure of any skin care collection- They are the super boosters. This also has teas and Alasta in its formulation, but is intended for use before the cream like all good serums. It is said to aid radiance, elasticity and firmness. Oo-er, now thats quite a handful!
Sometimes serums claim to sink in immediately, but most of the time they feel like a strange plasticky layer on your face. This one however, sinks in superbly- you can almost hear the "Sschurlp" noise. In this way it is incredibly weightless, and you can feel this very pleasant tautening effect. In combination with the cream, it provided me with a delightful clear and clean complexion.

All in all, I would describe the collection as "lovely'...a nice word dont'ya think? Nice word for nice products. I want to put a big tick and smiley face next to them.