Vapour organic beauty

Do you know what is a challenge? Finding organic make-up that looks good and stays on.
*Claps hands in delight*
Guess what?
Vapour products do and they smell UR-MAZE-ING.

I took this excerpt from their site, as I found it delightful:
"Vapour uses food-grade Certified Organic ingredients to best nourish and protect your skin. We think of beauty as skin nutrition. Certified Organic materials have been found to provide twice as much anti-oxidant potency as conventionally farmed crops. To maximize skin health we also seek out plant materials rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids) and high in vitamin & mineral content for our ingredient selections.
It is just common sense that our skin wants to be nourished like the rest of our organs. Eating organic foods is a healthy choice for our whole body. The skin is our largest organ, and it reveals the health of our system. What we put on our skin ends up being carried to our kidneys and liver. Healthy glowing skin is the result of good skin nutrition inside and out." -Vapour Organic Beauty.
Now what I am going to present you with today, is a full face low down on their products and what to use for a fabulous look for day and night.
Firstly get that face clean and lightly moisturize....Then apply:
Stratus Instant Skin Perfector: Inherently, this is a primer, but my friends its a primer with a difference. It actually does boost your complexion and allow the light to sit more flatteringly on your face. All the little lines you see up close disappeared but without a lot of clog up. Its ingredients are fantastic including evening primrose oil- so its nice to know your skin may be getting a good ol' feed too!
Next is: Lux Organic Lip Conditioner: Exclusively for the lips, its the most moisturizing lip product I have used. Fact. You just glide it on straight from the stick and feel the love of oils, myrrh, and Iceland moss sink in.
So your all based up yes?
Now for Atmosphere Luminous Foundation: This is a great little saviour. Its lightweight and what's awesome is that even if your skin tone is a little off the colour in the stick- it effortlessly matches regardless! Because of the stick its super easy to apply, and it gives a nice natural looking coverage ( Their range of concealers will indeed do the job on more stubborn imperfections). Also, it feels like your skin can breathe- yipee!

Ok so now for the blush- you do want to look a little cheeky after all...
Aura Multi Use Blush: Is a super little number. In three shades I tried "crush", which is a soft shimmery baby pink. It was most excellent for highlighting my cheekbones, and I even used it just under my brows for an instant lifting effect. With Lysine, the amino acid, as an ingredient, skin feels velvety- it really does- and I love velvet! Apparently you can use it on lips too- oh my!

Its lip-time now. Which is much like Hammer-time in its excitement. You have two options here, alternatively you can mix the two.
Siren Lip Stick: Is luxurious, and contains no harmful chemicals (why would you want any nasties next to your mouth anyhoo?). I found the colour shade "Tempt' to be most delightful and long lasting- not to mention great for dry lips! Its so blendable too.
Elixir Lip Gloss: can be used alone or with the lip sticks to create a new depth of colour and shine. I love the fact they are non sticky, and safe with some food grade ingredients. Two favorite shades are "Enigma", a soft purple-y shade, and "Hypnotic" a deep reddish berry". Most excellent with castor oil and beeswax.

Eye make-up can be a massive focal point. It can create a look in seconds, and re-shape and define eye shape and features.
Mesmerize Eye Colour Treatment: Especially "smolder" is dazzling. It is a rich brown creamy wonder that sits on the eyelids without horrible creases and goo like intention. Suitable for sensitive skins also, it boasts anti-oxidant properties apparently- how superb!

Wow....I have to say that by now you must look fabulous, ravishing and divine....but theres one last trick....
Trick Stick: It's a reflective tint to highlight areas you want to stand out. I used shade "Dazzle" to emphasize my blush. Its a lovely light gold shimmer and is very subtle. Fantastically versatile.
"From raw materials to final packaging, each step in the process adheres to responsible practices, including utilizing wind power and sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging materials."- Vapour