Complexion jubilation!

We all have those days. Days when the reflection in the mirror looks like a some kind of disheveled, dull imitation of yourself. Reaching up to wipe the shiny surface, you realize that it is actually you, and thats not steam on the mirror, you just look a tad un-dead. (Please note this is in a zombie kind of way, not a Twilight-inspired-sparkly-vampire-chic kinda way).

Its ok though, take a break. Have a whimsical biscuit of joy, and relax with some face friendly products:

Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Cream

Right, lets get something established. You should cleanse your skin. Its like, skin-rule number one in skin-land. What I like about this cream is that A) Its a nice hefty cream- I like cleansers that are thick enough to feel like its not just water. B) It smells really odd- not in a bad way (I said I liked it)...but it is odd. Also C) Its kinda exfoliating in a non grainy exfoliating way.
Use it lightly to almost sweep off any make-up residue and the like, and do not rub, just add water and cleanse. It left my skin smooth, clean and soft.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Although there involves no peeling, this cream is very exfoliating and will leave your skin feeling like it really did have a little peel. Not in a raw and painful way...more in a fresh and exuberant kinda way. Employing the use of natural fruit enzymes to exfoliate, it contains no bits at all which would normally scrape your lovely epidermis. Awesome sounding ingredients like milk protein, vitamin E, and marine algae- it smells great and generally is one of the best exfoliators I've ever used! Elemis say this is suitable for both sensitive and mature skin types.