Epilate away!

...with Braun Silk- epil Xpressive 7781, wet & dry rechargeable body and face epilator.
Sounds like a robot doesn't it?- Fear not, for this may solve all your hairy dilemmas!

Ok, so yes its winter. Yes this means you can wear trousers/leggings/tights/long sleeved tops to hide the gruffalo thats wrapped around your shins, and the wookie that hibernates under your arms...but there comes a time that the legs and pits need a good day out.

For most women, hair removal is a chore- those darn leg hairs will always grow back (often thicker and more evil than before), and underarm hair is just annoying. This means that a considerable amount of money is spent consistently on products or treatments that deal with this hairy situation. Let me shock and amaze you with my calculating ways...

Yearly costs for various hair banishments (roughly):

Shaving: I started a small rant on the average price of the disposable razor pack, and also on how long a pack of 4 would last, but then decided to keep it simple and make an educated guess on how much shaving would cost you a year.
Id say, that the semi-perfectionist hair removers most are, would spend about £5 a month on relatively cheap disposable razors, that would be about £60 a year. For something you have to do about three times a week.

Cream: Probably works out the same cost as shaving. You may not have to do it three times a week, but tubes of good and effective hair removal cream is quite costly, and one tube does not last long.

Waxing: Right, lets just say we ignore underarms, and simply look at legs alone. A monthly trip to the salon would set you back about £30, so this is about £360 (!) for legs alone per year. Not only that but you have to wait for hair to be long enough, and most of us don't have the luxury of in house waxers to wax at our convenience or whim.

You get the idea right?

This epilator will set you back a one off payment of £99.99, that is a long term investment, that claims to remove hair for up to 4 weeks, and is ready for use at your convenience.

Sounds like a plan, so lets put it to the test- I'd never used an epilator before!

B Box Contains

1 x Braun Silk-├ępil Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry epilator
1 x Shaver head and trimmer
1 x Precision cap
1 x Efficiency cap
1 x Narrow epilation cap
1 x Massage system
1 x Pack of 16 Olay wipes
1 x Pouch for easy storage
So this being a 'wet and dry' contraption, I thought Id acually give it a go both wet and dry (how adventurous), and compare to see what's better/less painful - as, lets face it, epilating is just like tweezering x40 at once....Im not sure why we girls actually do all this?!?
  1. Leg area= slight ouch but tolerable (ankles particularly). Also one sweep caught a good lot of hairs, so its not such a painstaking process of the repeated attack of one area. (Note to self: epilator head looks a tad terrifying- avoid gazing at it). Grit your teeth, but cant be worse than a wax. Took me about 15-20 mins to totally get everything this first time, but I used the massaging head before and after in this time too. You do have to clean up the little hairs though, so epilate in the bathroom to allow easy sweeping etc. Skin looked a bit sore and woeful for a while, but soothing creams may help later.
  2. Armpit area= Yowch! This did hurt I will not lie. Yet I was taking it slow and easy, and very carefully. Your supposed to keep the area of skin taut and this does really help reduce chance of shredding like pain. Im told this gets easier, and hairs get finer. Worked though, just harder to do than the legs, and looked a bit blotchy.
  1. Leg area= Definitely less ouch like. A nice warm shower did indeed sooth the skin. Took about the same time, but what was infinitely better, is that cleaning is so much easier. The blue smart-light is a brilliant idea that will reveal even the tiniest hairs in places or times of little natural light. The efficiency cap is perhaps best for fast and effective hair removal as it tries for the closest skin contact.
  2. Armpit area= Again, less painful yet still sore. I will stress that it is ok however, and very convenient. The narrow cap can allow for easier use in this area, as well as the speed settings for complete control if a bit nervous.
The epilator will stay on about 30-40 minutes from one full charge, and a full charge takes about an hour. I have also heard that it doesn't go down in charge easily over time, so you could use this for travel maybe?
Easy to clean, and even comes with a shaver head and trimmer for the bikini line, and a precision cap for those with unwanted facial hairs. In my opinion, this is an excellent all-in-one hair removal solution.
Save your waxing money for lovely things like bags and shoes, and grab yourself an epilator- check out www.braun.com/uk

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