Essentially me...indeed!

I recently had the pleasure, and it was indeed a pleasure, to sample some of the finest in natural fragrances, from a delightful company called "Essentially Me".
It is exceedingly hard to find natural perfumes, and it is a perfume one wants if one want the scent to remain wafting delicately for hours. Perfumes have higher concentrates than eau de toilettes, and are only topped by extraits- click here for details.
"Essentially Me", have a range of fragrances that are simply magical. Each one has its own character and scent that changes over time, with hidden depths you simply would not experience with synthetic fragrances. What I find quite lovely is that you can purchase little samples of several of the perfumes before committing to the regular size (which in turn look beautiful in Italian flint glass). This means you have the chance to try out the scents to discover your'll find it super hard to decide!
With five wonderful samples I decided to treat myself and wear each one for a day each. They are most unusual, and really do alter as the day progresses- like a natural perfume that naturally progresses from day to evening suitability.

Heart: linden blossom, wood and tobacco
Nuance: floral citrus
Intrigue: marine and hay
They say that masculine scents can actually appeal to women, and to be fair that is inherently true. A very unisex fragrance, your transported to the Greek Islands with lovely notes of citris and neroli. There is a very oak and tobacco like base which brings the masculinity to it. I liked the flavours of lime and cumin, as it made it almost spicy.

Heart: Vanilla, jasmine
Nuance: Rose, Sandalwood
Intrigue: Patchouli, oakmoss
This is one of my two favourites, and my choice for evening wear. Its so mysterious! This time image being in a Morrocan market, inhaling the exotic scents of ylang ylang and frankincense. Bring into that a depth of jasmine and rose with a touch of pure beeswax, and you've almost got it. Truly original.

Kuan Yin
Heart: Osmanthus floral
Nuance: other florals, green notes, citrus
Intrigue: spices and herbs.
I found this to be the most complex of the scents I sampled. It was intensely layered with a variety of notes coming through from mimosa to lots of green herbs. Its one I thought was slightly too masculine, however others that I asked disagreed with me. Its definitely very interesting and spicy. Very spicy and very exotic.

La Joupe
Heart: heady floral
Nuance: Oriental
Intrigue: musky.
I don't know why, but this reminded me of rustic French fields and fading dusky sunsets. Thats quite romantic isn't it? A very strong scent, its pure confidence bottled! "Essentially Me's" site describes it as "voluptuous". Spot on! Heady and velvety all at the same time, La Joupe encapsulates the flavours of patchouli and labdanum perfectly.

White Blooms
Heart: delicate white floral
Nuance: soft green balsam
Intrigue: warm woody.
Another firm fave was White Blooms. I just shut my eyes and imagined dancing around in stacks of hay in the middle of the English countryside...but next to a lake...there was definitely some sort of lily like water flower in there somehow. Its light and breezy, fresh and minty- think summer dresses and fields full of flowers, and honey, and love!

Want to have your own magical fragrance adventure? Check out the amazing "Essentially Me" website here