In times of Emergency...

try Elemis SOS Emergency cream!

No seriously.

You know those sensitive/spotty/irritated skin areas...The ones that just appear without warning, be it as a hormonal thing or simply as its being an irritating menace? Just relax, lie back, breathe, and reach for this super skin saver. I love using this soothing, creamy cream of goodness- and it smells heavenly! It tells the angry bits to chill and calm down. A pal of mine insists that its simply the best of the best for face flare ups- when you've gone a bit product heavy and your pores feel a bit woeful.

SOS Emergency cream is designed for use in times of dire epidermis irritation and annoyance. Marketed as a 'restorative treatment', it contains fab ingredients like willow, myrrh, lavender, and amino acids. It's aim is to restore your skin to its natural balance, to calm and pamper back to top form. How dashing! The cream is like your very own Mr Willoughby- come to rescue you from the sore, bumpy land of your skin- except its not such a cad, and technically your face is not part of a Jane Austen epic.