Foot-Care Week: Pamper those toes!

Shoes by 'Irregular Choice'

We all do it. We're like magpies drawn to the pretty and shiny like qualities of ridiculously high heeled/ridiculously expensive shoes. I have no idea why they have this level of magnetic's like all you have to say is "Look! Shoes!" and suddenly every woman in a mile wide radius turns their head to stare- glazed looks of wonder on their faces. Add the word "Handbags" and you'll have quite the stampede.
We've all also had 'that' moment, when you feel like unless you take those darn stilettos off instantaneously... your feet may just spontaneously combust...and really... a face that displays "Die Hard" levels of explosive pain, is just not the look you should be going for.

So, if we are adamant that we will continue to wear these spiteful, yet gloriously alluring beasts on our feet- surely there must be ways to make them more tolerable?

Yes! Yes there are- In fact, I declare this week Foot-care week on Whim Biscuit, for I have a wonderful menagerie of 'Scholl' products to show you that will perhaps limit the level of wailing after a night out in your most spectacular shoes!

Thank you "Scholl" for your products of foot-like-glory

NB: Must do a little happy dance to celebrate...seeing as now there's a chance I can wear completely impractical heels, without my feet becoming blistered painful lumps of hate...