Exude natural radiance!

I do tend to prattle on about skin care a lot....cleanse always, tone regularly...blah blah blah. Yeah I know, but I do like to ensure you know that having a good 'taking care of your skin' routine can be good. Im not saying that the products I recommend will definitely exude natural radiance. In fact I'm not saying that these products will be in fact suitable for you. What I am doing, is recommending what I feel are the best products about. You may notice that I am extraordinarily upbeat in these reviews. Thats due to me actually liking the products- I will not promote those I feel are bad or unworthy of attention. I also try to focus (particularly in beauty reviews), on the more natural and organic ranges....

Talking of which I happen to be quite pleased with:

Purity Organic Skincare- facial exfoliator (and its pretty cheap too!)

Getting deep into the pores with rounded bits of coconut shell (you know how much I hate sharp scratchy exfoliators...I've ranted about it before) among a menagerie of moisturising and conditioning things of delight- like sweet almond oil and aloe vera. You rub it very gently into damp skin, before washing off and following with moisturiser ( I also use toner in-between). I noticed I was left with pleasant creamy feeling skin, that felt a little like it already had moisturiser on. It smelt nice, and my skin did indeed feel quite refreshed, but not sore or anything like some exfoliators can leave skin.

Korres Materia Herba Anti Aging cream (perhaps for day time use, and this particular one was for normal to dry skin)

It's in Korres organic line of products, and claims to "recharge- smoothing fine lines and boosting collagen synthesis". With beech tree, sunflower, and jojoba oils, it is a wonder to use, what with the cream sinking in perfectly, and a little literally going a long way. It smells fresh and natural, and obviously is best used on a clean face like all moisturisers. Recommended as not to be used on the eye area.
-98,90% of the total ingredients from Natural Origin
-14,32% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming
-Dermatologically Tested

-Paraben Free
-Mineral Oil Free
-Silicone Free
-Propylene Glycol Free
-Ethanolamine Free
-PEG Free