Focus on Korres!

There is nothing more positively delightful than a long hot bath right?

Thus one must indulge in the most luxurious of products in order to bathe and recline in magnificent foam-like wonder.

Korres Kumquat shower gel is a veritable creamy wash, that lathers up just the right amount. After you read about the ingredients and properties this gel is said to possess, when you use it you kinda find yourself staring at your skin, in hope to watch these magical effects happen. Tis a shame you cant see wheat proteins making a little protective film like it says it does....
It smells like sunshine and mellow citrus-ness, and claims to also combat aging.

Dermatologically Tested
Mineral Oil Free
Silicone Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Ethanolamine Free
Enriched with Active Plant Extracts

Incidentally, perhaps your wondering what a kumquat looks like.

This is what a Kumquat looks like....just so you know.

I have no idea why I have never encountered a Kumquat. I certainly have heard of these mysterious fruity delights, but never tried one. Apparently it is orange like, except the rind is sweet and the inside sour...but you eat it whole for the contrast....fascinating huh?

After the shower gel of goodness, maybe you'd like to pamper yourself properly? Well then, continuing with out Kumquat theme, here be Korres body butter.

Its very lovely you know...packed with that sunshine and citrus I waffled about earlier, and is delectably creamy with a pleasant thick consistency that sinks in brilliantly. Please don't eat it though..I cannot be seen to be endorsing the consumption of skin products....despite my penchant for using words like 'delectable' in regards to something named as 'butter'....tis a cool word to use, that's all!
Ah yes, what was I saying? Er, right, body butter....It's awesome. I don't really know how else to describe its sinking in abilities. It just sinks in ok? Oh, and its not sticky or anything, so thats kinda ace too. Its also free from the things I listed above for the shower gel, and has all the plant-y extracts. Whoo!