Foot-Care Week: Favorite Product!

Scholl Intensive Night Treatment!

I love the fact that this comes with little socks! Its very celebrity-esque, and brings to mind images of old school film-stars sat in front of elaborate dressing tables- cotton gloves on to maximize moisture absorption of some super hollywood cosmetic cream...well this is just like that! Its like a super pampering treat for the feet!

Not only is it enriched with hydro-lipids and vitamins, but you can use the cream in a variety of ways...
1) Just your normal foot cream- rub on and leave
2) For enhanced moisturing-ness wear socks over the cream for an hour
3) Massage in and wear socks overnight!

Socks fit sizes 4-8, and are washable and thus re-useable! Leaves your feet feeling soft, hydrated, and most splendid!