Foot-Care Week: Step two: Moisturise your feet!

Softly scrubbed and exfoliated away? What's next? Well...moisturise of course- to make those feet soft, smooth and delightful. That way, you'll feel confident in showing them off in those strappy little shoes you've been thinking about buying!

Scholl Crackling Ice Foot Spray possibly the oddest, but most exciting to use product out of the selection. It's a gel that magically transforms into a mousse, that like snap, crackle, and pop all in one. Rub in to the feet to deodorize, cool and revitalize tired and achey feet. Awesomely refreshing, and absorbs in almost instantly- so its great if your in a rush to get tights on or something! It really does crackle though- like popping candy for

Scholl Moisturising Mousse

Again, this is a great little time saver with its super absorbing properties. Quick to hydrate and soften with a light foamy-ness, its like instantaneous moisture. Just spray, rub in, and-"schlurp"- its all gone.

Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream

Now this is one for those moments of much needed pampering. A rich and creamy cream of wonder, that is great after one of the foot exfoliating treatments mentioned in the previous article. Awesome if you want to take some time to massage and put those tired feet up. Grab a cup of tea and chill while your feet have a hydrating sort-of-drink of their own. I liked the way it didn't feel like a layer of oily-ness unlike some foot creams. High five to you 'Scholl'!