Gift ideas- Skin care

Four brands, four different sets of skin care...a combination of which would result in many mix and match sets of joy. Have a look at some of the products they have on offer, and imagine picking out a few to make a glorious little hamper for someone this Christmas.

Wild Organics

"Blending wild organic ingredients with organic essential oils, Wild Organics™ products are free from harsh, moisture-stripping chemicals and are carefully created to treat your skin and our world with care and respect.":-

Fresh Lime Flower Skin wash and Skin Lotion
The wash gives a really very soft and gentle lather, that resonates with the lovely fresh scent of the lime flower and coconut. There's something very comforting about it, and with hints of aloe vera and vitamin E there is no reason why you shouldn't be. The whole aim is to "brighten" the skin, and when I used it, I found it to be nothing but soft, light and ever so pampering to use.
Lotion wise, it continues the theme ingredient wise, but throws in some avocado and sweet almond oil. Its so light and absorbing, but so relaxing. Truly a pleasure to use, it didn't leave my skin tacky at all, as a little goes a long way.

White Willow Skin Polish
I love these little pots- the ones with the clips so when you put them in your bathroom it makes it look like a cute little spa. The organic guarana seeds and acai pulp are used to exfoliate, whilst the sweet almond oil and glycerine moisturise. 'Wild Organics' say they use the white willow in it for its listed properties as a cleanser and protector. Massage this on wet skin with either your hands, or a skin brush/fluffy-sponge-like-thing I can never remember the name of.

'Wild organics' products can be bought on QVC. Take a look at their site for some of their products.


Right, so there's been a lot of talk of this brand, and I recommend that you take a look at the details about how it came about and what all the science-y bits are, as its worth understanding products and what their aims are before trying them. So before I give you some reviews, I suggest you look on the site.
"The ingredients in BIONOVA’s Nano Skin Technology products are replicas of bio-nutrients" (which apparently exist in the body already, thus they claim its like your using something that is 'actually' natural). "These substances are essential in re-establishing cell regeneration allowing your body to naturally repair and restore itself without the need for external chemicals"-

The other thing that makes this a love/hate brand (judging from all the comments I've read from other users), is that they smell rather odd. They say that it is because the ingredients are natural, and thus you don't have perfumes to disguise things. So when I first opened the products, I had a little smell and thought they were not that bad at all....Ah....but I hadn't actually like taken any out and used it yet....
To be fair, I have heard that they have recently improved the smell, and the products I had were the new improved, so although they smell a tad funky, it is tolerable. Also, it warns that you could have a skin break out etc before you see improvements, but its becoming ever so popular with a lot of celebrities at the moment apparently.

Skin cleanser
For men and women, it looks to remove impurities without stripping the skin. 'Bionova' says it contains a "nano-complex of antioxidants and vitamins, and reduces the side effects of free radicals". What you do is tap some onto your face, wait a minute, and then rinse off. Smell factor is a bit bad here, but I stuck with it, and it wasnt so bad after it was on my skin. Left my skin clean though, and definitely refreshed.

Eye Make up remover
I found that it removed all traces of eyeliner and mascara, with really very little effort. I feel it is important not to drag your skin when removing makeup, so I like it when I only have to gently dab to get even the toughest of waterproof mascaras. It doesn't really leave any kind of oil like residue like some eye make up removers, which is a bonus, and there is a good ol' list of essential vitamins included. Trouble is yet again that its rather stinky. I think this is the worst, but as before I did use it so it wasn't that horrendous. Someone asked me to describe the smell the other day and its pretty hard. Its kinda like raw meat, like when you walk past a butchers combined with a weird multivitamin smell. This makes it sound awful I know, but its not ridiculously bad. More like a essence of these smells.....

Facial Mask
Ok...smells...not so bad actually! Im liking this product with it claiming to restore the deeper layers of skin, hydrating and replenishing away with its nanocomplex goodness packed with lipids and stuff that make your skin all protein-full. It really is a product to relax with, you can cover gauze with it and then put it on (I must discover what the point of using gauze is, as at the moment I just think of it as something rather random, art-like, and fun to do), then lean back and relax your facial muscles for a good twenty minutes. Wash off with warm water. It left my face looking bright, fresh, and moisturised! It also says it aims to enhance the skins natural healing abilities, so it should be good for dry skin etc...

Frown wrinkle/Wrinkle Treatment
Having not used them long I cannot comment on their effectiveness. Yet with formulas that are supposed to balance out the dry vs the oily nature of skin, as well as combat those nasty creases that sneak up on us.....sounds pretty cool if it works! Lots of nano bits-n-bobs in these btw. Have a read on the website!
Skin feels supple and soft, despite cold winter-y-ness outside, and epidermis drying central heating inside.

Bionova products can be bought on QVC, online or by ordering off the TV!

LuLu's Timebomb

Glory Days Day cream, and Flashback Night cream.
What with the day cream being thick and creamy, and the night cream being soft and lotion like I was a tad confused. Yet I need not have been as they are quite delightful. In fact, perhaps soft and lotion like is the way to go with night creams...why do I presume they must be dense and un-sink-in-able? Also the luxurious density to the day cream set a base that was perfect for make-up, or indeed moisturising enough not to wear make-up at all. You are advised to use the products in combination with other timebomb ones, like the night cream combined with another Lulu product- youth secret oil- beneath it- yet I personally had no issues when I used other brands along side them. The scents of these creams are soft and subtle, and ever so flowery and 'graceful'....yes graceful seems like a good word to use...

Bombshell Body lotion and Body spray Oil
I heart this spray oil big time. Its awesome. Fact. Not only is it super easy to spray your moisturising product, instead of having to pour a bit in your hand and then try (and fail) to apply it while dropping the bottle in your oil covered hands ( this just me?), but it is glorious. Lightly fragranced by the oils inside, it left skin soft and supple. The lotion is nice too, especially for moisturising any extra dry bits like elbows and knees. Don't forget knees. Knees are a commonly neglected area. Love your knees and they will love you back. Kneeeeeeees! (The more you look at it, the more strange the word looks).

QVC time again people!

Nude Skincare

Advanced probiotic skincare! : "Nude has pioneered the use of pre and probiotics in anti-ageing skincare. Advanced bioactives and probiotics work intelligently with the skin for visible results."

Advanced Eye Complex
Wants: To make your eye area look younger
How: Says the pure acacia, mountain ash, milk peptides, probiotics and various other lovelies combat dark circles, puffiness, and lift.
Thumbs up?: Indeed! Like the texture, like the way how you only have to use a tiny bit to feel that mini lift!

Miracle Mask
Wants: To exfoliate and make radiant
How: Says it has lots of natural milk AHAs, mandarin, and red ginseng to take on the task!
Thumbs up?: Radiant like 12 hours of sleep! Awesome before the Xmas party!

Advanced smoothing complex
Wants: To smmmoooth the skin out
How: Says the CoQ10 and mix of vitamins increase collagen production etc for wrinkle free skin
Thumbs up?: Didnt feel much different, yet maybe this is something that takes time to notice any difference.

Age defying moisturiser
Wants: To be anti aging day and night!
How: Orchid, milk peptides, and hyaluronic acids aim to firm, tone, and moisturise. Pro and prebiotics look at the defense against premature aging.
Thumbs up?: It took 3 years to develop, and took me 3 minutes to notice how nice it was to use. Just the right texture for ultimate absorption!

Cleansing oil
Wants: To cleanse effectively and leave soft and clean
How: Oil gently cleanses when warmed on hands and water is added to create a light milk like quality.
Thumbs up?: Definitely.