Gift ideas straight from the high street

So its like Christmas next week....Well that snuck up pretty fast huh!
No need to panic though, as there's a whole weekend of shopping delights left before then, so you've got plenty of time to grab some essential gifts for one and all!

'Boots' is a shop that not only pretty much is on every city's main shopping high street, but also a shop that has some pretty awesome offers this time of year- and there's nothing better than getting a free gift...
With 3 for 2 on loads of selected gifts, here I present (Ha! I am truly hilarious) you with my choice- and check out the boots advantage card points you could collect for even more free-stuff goodness!

Extracts Body Butter mini Collection

-Mango body butter 50ml
-Almond body butter 50ml
-Bergamot body butter 50ml
-Cocoa body butter 50ml
-Coconut body butter 50ml

How cute are these? Everyone needs body butter, you can lather it all over your skin for moisturing wonder, and its simply a bonus if it smells irresistible! My fave is the cocoa one, generally as to me it smells the most awesome. The natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, and Fairtrade certified whenever possible. What's great is that Boots say that this allows them "to support the future prosperity of our producers' communities in developing countries"- Pop one in your handbag for creamy convenience!

Botanics Keepsake Box

-Foaming bath soak 450ml
-Softening body wash 200ml
-Moisturising body balm 200ml
-Enlivening body polish 200ml
-Nourishing body butter 450ml
-Bamboo wash cloth

First thing I thought: What a great box! The attention to detail on the packaging is spot on- easy to use again or indeed recycle- it just looks like a fabulous gift! Also, what is there not to like? The plant extracts used in the products are approved by experts at the Kew Royal Botantics Garden, and what you have here is 5 step set to wash, scrub and moisturise, with a cloth thrown in! How dapper!
Go here for a quick look:

Burts Bees Polka Dot Perfect Mani-Pedi

OH MY WORD the Almond Milk Hand Creme (e 57g) is total yum! It smells like concentrated bakewell tart, and the beeswax and oil combo ensures a good level of moisture. Coconut Foot Creme (e 120g) is super moisturising and thick for intense hydration and relaxation, and the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (e 8.5g) is great for a softening effect, alongside some complementary cuticle sticks and nail file. The pomegranate in the Replenishing Lip Balm (e 4.25g) ensures for lovely nourished lips during these cold days and evenings, and everything fits perfectly in the super kitsch, super cute bag bringing the kit together.