Just add a touch of rosemary....

I heart this hair care range. Personally, I feel that its left my hair so very soft and so very sleek. Thank you Weleda, your like my best friend now....forever shall you be treasured in my hair product box of love.

Weleda Rosemary and Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh my how rich your scent is. The heavenly aromas of organic rosemary essences and organic ginger (and I usually dislike ginger...how odd) literally explode out of the bottles, in a bid to escape and invigorate your hair! The shampoo does lather quite well, although for some reason while its still on the hair it does feel almost sticky somehow. That soon goes however as soon as you easily rinse out, and your left with wonderfully scented and soft hair. Now, obviously conditioner is the way forward, thus you should probably check out the matching rosemary and ginger conditioner. This is creamy and delightful- everything you'd hope a conditioner would be. Its thick enough that you can massage it in well, but also silky enough to allow the hair to shine...well... at least mine did...
The essential oils stimulate your scalp, and the non chemical formulations, gently cleanse or nourish your hair whilst claiming not to strip it of anything your hair would quite like to keep.

Weleda Rosemary Hair lotion

Rosemary, horseradish and stonecrop mix with other essential oils with the aim to revitalise and care for your hair and scalp. Used daily, it claims to 'enliven' the scalp to promote hair growth and strengthen hair shaft. The herbs used where chosen for their richness in sulphur, which apparently helps the regenerative processes. Massage it well into the scalp, on damp hair if possible, and it literally just dries up. Sounds fab doesn't it?!