Magical Christmas Dinner ideas

Be it Christmas Day and that glorious lunch time meal, or a dinner party with friends and family this festive season, it needn't be rushed or unorganised. Follow a few simple steps from a couple of days in advance, and you can have a genuinely lovely time.

Whim Biscuit's Christmas dinner party of wonder!

1) A couple of days in advance:

Prepare the decorations, and food that will keep. Keep your table decorations in theme with the rest of the house, so that it creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. A mix of modern and traditional looks may seem very quirky and kitsch, but can be very hard to pull off! Have a look around for inspiration.

Images like these can take you in the right direction. You don't have to set up your table so far in advance, but you can make sure you have all the pieces to create the look ready. Things like place settings, centre pieces, making sure you have enough cutlery etc. Little finishing touches can make or break a great theme, but they do not have to cost a fortune. Simple lighting, candles, and elegant tree ornaments, can look so beautiful when organised in different imaginative ways.

Things to make could be:
- Home-made Christmas-crackers. Instructions here

- Pretty name places: Stained Glass Cookies are the way forward clearly! Attach a little piece of ribbon to them with a card on the end with the name or photo of your guest.

- Table centre pieces that double up as a gift for your guest to take a really well decorated Christmas Cake you can divide up at the end into little boxes, or indeed a tower of mighty christmas cupcakes!

How about the Elemis daisy spa candle for a nice addition to the table? Made with 100% natural oils, it also looks fab in a gorgeous aubergine glass. The scents of daisy, banana, and freesia just works, and complements all those other spicy Xmas-y scents.

2) 1 day till the party
Is your menu confirmed, and does it cater for all tastes? Do you have everything you need?
Yes? Start making things you can make in advance and store/refrigerate them.
Check out this idea for a menu (press on links for recipes)



Roast potatoes, honey glazed parsnips and carrots,
& medley of green vegetables
(here for recipes and ideas for accompaniments)
Serve with cranberry jelly, bread sauce, & gravy
Hot Christmas pudding/mince pie
with organic vanilla ice-cream
Three cheese platter
Served with coffee or hot chocolate.

3) Party day!

-Write a list of what needs to be done. Write times of when things need to be cooked, and what order things need to be cooked.
-Enjoy yourself
-Smile! Because smiles are beautiful.
-Try Elemis visible brilliance serum. Perfect just before parties, as it claims to: "offer instant luminosity and exceptional brightening. Facial features appear rested and smooth"-

Oh! So its radiance in a jar?! I found it had a light texture that sunk into skin very quickly. So it was fine under both moisturiser and make-up if wanted. Ingredients include minerals and vitamins, and even red seaweed. I suppose it's like a mini, super quick facial. (P.s: Makes an awesome gift- 1 day left for shopping- Elemis can be found at some larger Shops, look online for details)

Merry Christmas from Whim Biscuit! I wish for everyone to be happy, safe, and with family and friends.