Foot-Care Week: Step one: Cleanse and Exfoliate those feet!

Just like your face, your feet can have their own skin care regime- This way you will be on your way to silky soft, smooth, feet of happiness!

Scholl Dual Action Foot File

For rough, dry skin that needs a good bit of attention. With two file surfaces, one for the more stubborn areas, and one to soften it to ultimate smoothness! It is also easy to store and suitable for travel in your beauty bag, as it comes apart into two sections. Check out the warning though, as it is not suitable for those who are say, diabetic, or have poor circulation.

Its light and practical, and very easy to use.

Scholl Rough Skin Remover

Designed only to be used on the skin of your feet, this is a great little exfoliator that combines fruit AHA's and natural pumice to leave feet lovely and smooth. I loved massaging it in, then showering it off. It wasn't too scratch-y, and then followed with a good foot moisturizer. Again, only use it on the feet.

Creamy and delightful- an exfoliator for the feet!

Scholl Foot Smooth Shower Scrub

Perfect for a quick and simple way of cleansing and exfoliating your feet. Use it in the shower, use it in the bath, it contains Jojoba beads to smooth, and active 24 hour moisturizers to soften and keep skin silky. Just massage, wash off, and dry. I loved using it on one of those little sponge things for the bath, and relaxing as I gently massaged it in.

Best option for someone who wants a quick and easy way to scrub and moisturize in one go.