Stocking fillers!

Perfect for those little gifts that brighten up Christmas morning from the moment you wake up. There's nothing better than clambering out from under your duvet (and dismissing the ridiculous level of cold), just so you can drag your stocking full of excitement up onto the bed. Its a tradition with most, and its like 'present opening' part one.

Some might say that the days of simply having the odd clementine and nut selection being thrown in there are gone -although I still maintain that having these should still be essential- as higher expectations are had by all....However, despite the fact that I write about life's little luxuries, I still maintain that materialistic goods are not necessary. Make a card, draw a picture, bake cookies, write a song, make a mixed tape...or just smile and offer love and friendship- these can be just as wonderful as anything shop bought, sometimes even more wonderful x100.

Yet in the spirit of this being a review- Thats not to say that I am going to turn my nose up at having a few little lovely things brought by a thoughtful Santa (look out later this week for my top tips on super lovely homemade Xmas treats and gifts).

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream

In elegant packaging, I find it a positive delight in cream form. Its light yet thick, creamy yet sinks in, and smells like summer and honey. Indeed containing honey, organic cocoa, and vitamin B5- who wouldn't want this cute little pot this winter?

Jonathan Ward 'After the rain' Candle

Essential oils, and an organic mixture of beeswax and soy, it claims to contain no petroleum or harmful additives. The scent is inspired by the crisp, fresh tones of green leaves and spring days. Aquatic jasmine, and pink cyclamen, it really does remind you of breathing in fresh air. Perfect for someone who loves their organic products, and loves candle lit long relaxing baths!

Organic Glam Spring Mineral Eye Shimmers

Cute and trendy, these little eye powder shimmers are super. My fave being the dusky 'Pink Pearl', which looks smooth, shimmery, and highlighter-ific. It stayed on just as long as regular non-organic eyeshadow for me, so all in all, I feel its a bit of a winner- and perfect for a quick make up fix before all those Christmas day photographs! Organic glam claim that it has: "been formulated using 100% natural mineral powder and contain NO artificial preservatives or fragrances". Awesome.

Too Faced Mascara Layering Kit

With Lash-injection mascara to give you that extension like look, its like it makes little tubes on the end of the lashes you already have. Team that up with Lash pin-point, it aims to give you individually defined eyelashes, that appear volumized. So with this kit you are free to experiment! Create your own false look but not false lash extravaganza.

Urban Decay Lipsticks

Every woman wants a shade of red lipstick that is perfect for them. Check out Urban Decay's range of lipsticks. There are two that I feel are so adaptable, and blendable, that you could easily live them as presents. Shades: voodoo and revolution are two completely different but great colours that would compliment many! I find them really smooth in their texture, and quite light to apply. Depending on how much you layer them, the deeper or lighter the intensity of the colour.

Barefoot Botanicals, Rosa Fina face and decolletage oil

The brand boasts that it contains massive concentrations of the oil 'rosa mosqueta' and other lovely oils, so check out the definitive list on the site link below. Essentially its a fab little oil to massage in all over your face (maybe not eye area as such), and neck. It says it combats premature aging, blemishes, oiliness, and saggy skin.... Whoa!
Well to me at least I think it sinks in beautifully, and is perfect at night just before your night cream to ensure maximum hydration during slumber. No shininess also- bonus! (Tip: when your done massaging onto face area, rub excess oil onto the backs of your hands so they get a little treat too).

Take a look at the individual websites for online shopping, or to look at where these may be stocked in a shop near you.