Foot-Care Week: Shoes: Wear them, love them, and let them love you back!

Thanks to 'Scholl', there are now products to suit all occasions. Shoes can be a pain, but it need not be that way!

Scholl Orthaheel Slimfit Orthotic

Suitable for use in high heels, these wonder-ous little delights simply slip in to your shoe, leaving you feeling comfortable and a bra for your foot. They are good quality, and look like they are made to last. The whole point is that your limbs are realigned through to the hips, straight into a neutral position. I tried them in a variety of different shoes, and the slimfit design fitted into them with no problems- and they also didn't have that horrible annoying thickness that some insoles have that mean your feet may be cushioned, but instead the top of your foot is being crushed to the roof of the shoes! When you walk, your feet actually flatten to the ground, and the supporting tissues on the bottom start to stretch. When this gets too much, THAT is when you get that pain, soreness, and inflammation. Back of heel pain, means you may have stretched your achilles tendon, caused by the position and movement of the foot within the shoe, or indeed if you've hurt it during exercise or something.
I have to say that wearing them at first feels a little odd, and almost uncomfortable. Yet after about an hour or so I didn't notice, and in fact, I noticed that my legs didn't feel as tired as they usually would after walking and standing all day. Good job Orthaheel!

Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic

Does exactly the same as the Slimfit insoles, yet perfect for trainers. Especially the trainers you wear for any sort of sports. Actually, I put them in the trainers I wore to an activity filled day- again, they felt odd, like my body was being told to stand differently. You know when you look at the heel of your shoes, you usually see that they are worn slightly more on one side than the other- like you walk leaning inwards or outwards? Well, I figure this means that your alignment is off (I may be wrong about this), so these are like, a totally good idea! I also really liked how the arches of my feet felt supported, and its lead me to investigate what other 'arch support' products there are, so that I can put them in all my shoes!

Scholl Party feet Snowflake Limited Edition

So the most annoying thing about wearing high heels is that burning feeling you get in the balls of your feet, right? You may have seen 'party feet' gel-pads out and may have even used them before? Not like these you haven't! These are super slim fitting, so you hardly feel them in your shoe (you see when I used some before, I felt the edges of them stick into the sides of my feet as they were quite thick- thus the gap between bottom of shoe, and gel-pad was noticeable). Plus these have the bonus of being ever so pretty! Not that they will slip out or anything, but if they were to pop out a little bit, it wouldn't be too much of a shame. They bring glamour AND what's not to like?

Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Sore Spots

The second most annoying thing, is probably those horrible bits that rub. For example, I had some new shoes you see, and I am not actually that used to wearing high heels- thus, not only did I have the "party feet" snowflake's on the bottom, but I also had to place these little round spots of gel like goodness just on the bits of the shoe that were a bit stiff and not worn in on the sides, and the very back of the heel. They are designed to stay right in the place you put them, and for ease of use!

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