Whimsical Christmas last minute Home-made food gift ideas

Well you still have a couple of days to go, so its not quite the last second gift idea time, but you are indeed almost out of time.
Maybe its all just getting too expensive, but maybe you intended to make home-made gifts this year all along...but you either just haven't got round to it, or your simply lacking inspiration.

Well thank the whim biscuits for this article- for here is the most fabulous, imaginative, and generally rather dashing list for all your home-made food gift delights!


Are these not the most amazing little cake like treats of delight ever? No? Well hush you! Thanks to 'Bakerella' for showcasing this awesome idea, and for having such a cool name.... www.bakerella.com

Rain-check delight

An ideal gift for the hectic host/hostess in your life. Its a rain-check for a home cooked meal cooked by you for them. Perhaps to make it more exciting you could write that on the front of a mini diary attached to a mini hamper full of the more dried foods you will be cooking. That way they will see that your serious, and can even decide on a day your both free.

Cake in a box

Everyone loves cake in one form or another surely? Probably not suitable for placing under the tree, but better for someone you will be seeing around Christmas day, and can let them know to refrigerate if needed. Love the way you can use those gorgeous and practical steamers to wrap them up! Its like two gifts in one! Idea from www.bhg.com

Themed Hampers

Inspired by all those luxury food shows, and lovely sites that provide gifts of hamper like goodness- why not make your own hamper this Xmas. How great is the Italian themed one, with its colander! Be inspired or buy one ready made: www.allboxedup.com.au

Cocoa-mix Treat

I think these are cute, and seem really easy to make! Check out www.annies-eats.com for this awesome version.

I am also loving the popcorn mini gift bags too!

Chocolate covered tasty things

Do you remember those chocolate covered pretzels? They came in a blue packet and were ridiculously yummy? Well...make your own! (although I am pretty sure that salted snacks plus chocolate is not the best diet in the land...) Wrap up in cellophane and pretty ribbons. Useful info here.

Cakes and Bread Baked in a Jar

All I can say is: How cool! Plus there are so many recipes everywhere! Check this one out.

Recipe in a Jar

Simply as I saw these on the 'Bakerella' site earlier and thought they looked really really fabulous and inventive!

Martha Stewarts amazing ideas!

There are so many ideas...the endless possibilies! The peppermint bark looks not only great fun to make, but also really easy too. www.marthastewart.com

Nigella Lawson's super easy HoneyComb

Gloriously simple to make: www.foodnetwork.com

Nigella also made some excellent looking Chilli Jam gifts, which this clever blogger picked up on, and provides the recipe for

Don't forget Delia!

Finally- have a look at Delia Smith's delightful chocolate truffle recipe, for a gift many would love. www.deliaonline.com