The Dodo Pad

Winner for the most whimsical diary/organiser I could find, goes to the Dodo pad this year. Definitely practical, yet definitely silly, its quite a delight!

The Dodo Pad desk diary

The people over at Dodo-pad-land say:

"The Dodo Pad diary is Britain's best loved family organiser / planner - printed every year since 1966. Ideal for a family of up to five people (extra family members may, at your discretion, be marginalised). It's designed so that each person’s activities can be seen on a weekly to view basis with plenty of room on the opposite page for notes and the occasional (or regular) doodle."-

What I like is the space for doodles, the illustrations, and how all this makes it fun to be organised! It is viewed as a week on a page, and there is enough room for all your notes and scribbles.

You can also purchase lots of other Dodo pad creations, like a version of this to hang on your wall (which is just like the desk-diary, but can be put up in the study etc), or indeed a academic diary (which I may write about later on in the year), at local shops or online.