Halogen-Oven by JML

Hands up if you groan at the thought of cleaning your conventional oven. All that grease and yuck- its enough to make you stick to preparing food that doesn't need its baking-goodness.

Yet...if you did that...how would you make the cupcakes?

All those glorious rainy afternoons spent with friends covered in flour and frosting....come on....think of the cupcakes people!

If that's not enough to make you ponder, then let whim biscuit enlighten you to the ways of the halogen-oven. Small enough to fit in any kitchen, but big enough for a sunday roast, its just a tad convenient. Claiming energy efficiency, draining fat whilst its multi functional ability to bake/grill/boil/defrost/roast food makes you stand back in impressed awe- Apple pies will come out perfect in all their pastry delight, cakes will rise and remain moist, and potatoes cook and crisp brilliantly.

No more (slightly undercooked-in-one-spot and terrifying-ly solid in other bits) microwave cooking for you! Its clear 10 litre capacity bowl (opportunity for larger capacity available), two tier cooking shelves, and ability for cooking times to apprently be up to 40% faster than any oven......hang on.....wait......was that not mentioned already? No? Seriously?....Well in that case...

****It claims to cook anything up to 40% faster than any oven!****

Well there's it's unique selling point if there ever was one.

Oh right....that and it self cleans.....

How awesome does that sound?

Yeah thats right....SUPER HIGH-FIVE awesome!

For more info, more reviews, details on additional items like recipe books etc- look here.