Have you seen the adverts? Have you seen these odd contraptions that claim to rid you of strange, feet related, annoyances?


Well you were probably intrigued....(a tad bemused)...but intrigued none-the-less.

Normally the grating-of-one's-foot would not be an activity that would be advertised as either productive or advisable, but with these tiny stainless steel 'micro-files', a gentle scrubbing like action can result in soft smooth-skin. No calluses, no hard bits from the wearing of silly (but beautiful) shoes....just smoooooth-ness. No 'ouch!' with this either- and tidy too with it's lid ensuring bits don't go and pile up everywhere! (Urgh! can you imagine...)

The PedEgg can be bought as it is, or with a handle- which is great for those who find it difficult to reach/bend etc, so you can purchase one suitable for each member of the family. Don't suppose you'd usually want to share foot-scrub-like things after all?...

Check them out on the JML website, and if you would rather find it in the shops, have a look to see where they are stocked!