Silk-épil 7, new Braun Epilator!

You may or may not have seen the last epilator related article, and indeed you may or may not have gone away convinced that epilation was the way forward. Perhaps you have been deliberating around the clear benefits of long term smooth legs etc vs the short term ouch-factor. Well, perhaps this will make your decisions easier....

Avast...the new Silk-épil 7 from Braun. Those clever people have now made an apparently even more efficient way of epil-ating. How is this you say? Ah... well let me tell you that this particular design can remove unwanted-hair as small as a grain of sand. Oo-er!

The legs and body wet and dry edition, has everything one would need for speedy epilation. 40 tweezer technology, pivoting head, smart light super torch of wonder (yes its cool, but perhaps not suitable for other urban orienteering or deep sea diving).

The fact that its cordless, and waterproof and washable are bonuses, with a one hour charge said to last for up to 40 minutes of use....this being enough time to finish all your epilation needs probably. Two extra caps, for more efficient uses like under-arms etc are also included. How thoughtful!

Use your pre epilation wipes provided for preparation, and a good tip is to dry or wet brush using a bath-brush/scrub-thing about a day after use and after- this helps prevent ingrown hairs apparently....

Try this dry or in the bath (nice warm water and epilation combo seem to equal slightly less ouch incidentally, which is awesome as this updated version can be said to be even less painful than the last, despite its epic extra-tiny-tweezering) for what can be seen to be great results and a worthy investment.