Neal's Yard: Wild rose beauty elixir

There's something about the word 'elixir' that brings up images of fairy like castles, fountains of life, and magical ponds that grant infinite wishes to passing maidens. If these mystical places really did exist, and in which case you would just so happen to have a couple of wishes going spare (and you've made sure peace and the like have been granted already), maybe you would wish that bad hair and bad complexion days didn't exist for anyone anymore?

Well, in this land there may be no magic wells or lamps, but there is a lovely little elixir (perhaps this is a type of serum? It certainly has the texture of one) that claims to deliver highly moisturised, radiant, smooth complexions for all. Enriched with wild rosehip oil, turmeric, and frankincense, its smells delightful and indeed says its suitable for everyone. Fabulous.

To be applied morning and evening, its very light and almost creamy, being instantly absorbed upon application. Just a few drops is all you need to be gently placed onto slightly damp skin, and with your fingertips be sure to massage in a circular motion working upwards from neck to forehead.

Take a look here for more info, and details on how to order!