Blink & Go...literally!

Long for long, full looking glorious eyelashes. Yes...we all do, what with mascara being an essential item in most women's make up bags. However, sometimes despite embracing our natural features- they may not be enough curlers and mascara in the world to get an almost red carpet statement look. Guess what though....even those celebrity types cannot get this on their own normally.

However, we (probably) don't have our own make-up artists at hand night and day, to work miracles with strange and complicated techniques of applying things that surely must require training....I mean, have you tried to put fake-eyelashes on before? Nightmare or what? So if you don't want lashes that weirdly join your eyebrows in some sort of terrifying stuck together fashion faux pas- check out Blink & Go for a simple and effective solution!

I don't know really what to say about these except that you literally just have to take them out of the box, place along the lash-line and....thats it. With them already being sticky, they just sit comfortably for as long as you need them to, and then easily, and with no ouch-factor, just gently peel off for another day. High five!

Available in several different shapes and thicknesses, have a look at