Delicate and floral fabulous scents!

It's the season of all things fresh, floaty, and fantastic- so get those light cotton skirts or white linen trousers on, drag the flip flops out of the cupboard, and enjoy nature.

Picture the scene: Willow trees sweep the grassy floor, a still and pleasant lake laps at the side of the reeds as the rushes swish in the soft breeze. You sit upon your picnic rug sheltered from the sun, but still basking in the warm summer heat. You look and feel happy in your most summery outfit- surrounded by good company, playful notes of floral bouquets linger in the air...

How could you not like that?!? Indeed...imagine if a perfume could bring this imagery to your head with one simple sniff. Well maybe these perfumes do exist, and Im not necessarily promising that this selection will exactly all these dreams come true....but you can only see for yourself.


Claiming that the spirit of Elemis is captured in this scent- Zesty, with fresh-green-grass, and hints of the seaside- its a clean and superbly natural smelling fragrance. Layer it for a stronger scent, or just apply a light spray for a delicate and summery hint of delight.


With lots and lots of spectacu-lous natural ingredients, its an incredibly complex scent that has many layers of natural wonder- from rose to patchouli, bergamot and back- its vibrant and almost intensely citrous-y. It certainly is a botanical masterpiece.