We all know that having a skin-care routine can be quite basic.
Clean, refresh, and rehydrate...right?
...but how many of us skip a step, or even all the steps in favor of a few more minutes in bed in the morning, or indeed immediate relaxation in the evening?

If you say, were lucky enough to have a really fancy car, you would probably want it to work. You would also probably want it to stay looking nice and presentable, and maybe you would even...I dunno...clean it? Would you not give the lovely shiny car all that it needs if you could? Well I'm telling you, me, everybody, are more amazing, clever, and super, than any car is, so its time to start appreciating and be nice. Its not about how expensive your products are (seriously, there is some great stuff out there that is less expensive than a sandwich at lunch), or even that you have a draw full of different creams claiming to do different things.

Ideally you will want to cleanse, tone, and moisturise- but hey- its your choice, and whats great for somebody, may not be your cup of tea. What I will try to show you below is a few sets of lovely skin-care items that are known to be easy and effective by their many fans. You may notice that although generally the kits contain the basic cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, some do not. Some decide to skip the toner, and some may have an item that does multiple tasks. Please (without being patronising) do not get confused as to why some are called lotions and not creams, why some foam and some spray- they are simply different variations of something that does the same thing- this way you choose the kind of products you like.

Liz Earle

Words do not describe how awesome this kit is...oh ok...if I must elaborate, how about: SPLENDID and SPECTACULAR-IFIC
and if I had to describe how they feel when you use them, then how about:
Clearly I started to get into this whole describing malarky! I was so happy thinking about these products I even made up a whole new word.
The cleansing cream really is creamy, gliding on even when you use a small amount. Just gently massage on and gently massage off using a warm wet cotton cloth (which is included by the way). It even takes off the most stubborn mascaras softly. What a delight.
The toner is great as a kind of revitalizing water of hydrating wonder, and the moisturiser is super in its own right. An easily absorbed texture with an amazing floral-and-cream scent that brings bright summer meadows into your imagination.


The cleanser here is a facial oil, that is less oil and more milk, but with all the luxurious-ness of an oil. Does that make sense? Well, basically, its goes on as an oil, and massages off like a milk as water is applied. It really is quite moisturising in its own right, as it leaves skin feeling as soft as the softest of all soft velvets.
Their clarifying water on the other hand, works well before creams and make-up, as it looks to refresh and literally tone for a smooth anti-gravity feeling. Moisture balance acts to just keep on improving, with its gel like formula for that matte look. Fabulous in a few quick steps!


Luxurious without the massive price tag, Weleda is like royalty in the natural skin-care market. With various collections to choose from, select yours according to your complexion. The Iris kit, is more anti-aging focused, with (obviously) the star ingredient being Iris root extract. With all products containing a lovely bunch of oils and other naturally found extras, its a very gentle and rehydrating collection.
Their cleansing lotion is light and delicate. Easy to apply and quick to remove with either a cloth or water. The natural fragrance continues with the crisp and refreshing toner, best applied with cotton wool, or even splashed on for speedy results. Yet its the iris moisture cream that is the show stopper. A great base under any make-up, no need for a primer, as it soothes, smoothes, and sets to leave skin clear and fresh looking.