A gift you say? Full of roses it is!

...and lavender too...
Aside from the rather arbitrary Yoda reference, there may well be something rather worth reading: Elemis have made yet another beautiful limited edition collection of absolute happiness. It needs a little congratulatory applause for being so cool and chic.
Even simply wondering at the luxury purple wash bag, then you would be content, but hold on...what could be inside but a great skin-care set including some of Elemis' very own beauty heroes.
Now we all know that the Pro-collagen marine cream is more than mighty when it comes to moisturisation, but alongside that in this kit you are also getting a pro-collagen night cream- different yet complimentary...yet its the other products you get in the bag to supplement this, that really show what a wonderful collection you will be receiving.
Starting with the skin bliss cellular-recovery capsules is ideal, as after cleansing and toning its the product to begin your own facial. You get two different types of oil with this, pink and green. The pink is rose to start your day with vitality, and green for lavender to relax peacefully at night- Inside each will be a small amount of oil that needs to be lightly massaged in. Also in the kit is the gentle rose exfoliator, and guess what? Its...well...gentle! A light soft fragrance of petals accompanies the soft smoothing of the micro-spherical-beads. Perfect for taking on holiday, or just a luxurious treat, Elemis can be found in high-street shops (John Lewis), or at www.timetospa.co.uk Enjoy!