Brighten up your dresser with these glorious scents!

Now, Im sure Im not the only one who likes the idea of having a beautiful welcoming dressing-table to sit at- and with these gorgeous fragrances to display if you have one, let the beauty of nature and whimsical design take you on a wonderfully scented journey.

Jeanne Lanvin la rose

Lanvin have brought us a subtle and delicate perfume here, with obvious highlights of rose accompanied by a hint of citrus/green leaves. This make for a lovely balanced scent, that if anything, lacks a bit of originality. The base notes of what seems like pear are indeed pleasant, but again, it seems like it needs to be present a bit more in order to make it a perfume that really stands out. However...what it lacks in scent it makes up in design- although, perhaps you may ask if it is enough to purchase a scent on the basis of what it looks like...It would indeed make a fantastic gift.
Its soft fragrance is light and airy none the less, ideal for relaxing during summer, and wonderful layered with another perfume for a more unique bouquet. The gentle-ness of this rose scent being even more ideal as the 'something new' for that big day.

Eau du Desir by Lolita-Lempicka

Always impressed by this brands glorious designs, this is a fragrance that has been made to be as light as a eau and as resonate as a perfume. Sounds impossible, but somehow they have encapsulated it just right. The top note of verbena maintains its lightness, a fresh scent that is uplifting. Drifting onto hints of iris and violet, this leaves it with a perfume that is long lasting yet complex in its combinations.
More rain-forest/monsoon than tropical or floral, its would be a welcome delight to someone looking for a change that is not too over-the-top.