Protect and reflect- Sun care this season

As dashing as sporting a tanned complexion is, it's also rather dapper to make sure your skin is protected. By applying effective sun screen regularly and thoroughly whatever your skin-tone, you will not only be preventing future damage, but you also be lending a helping hand to stopping any aging before your time. So get your vitamin-D this summer (and year round- even when its cloudy) the sensible way, and choose a lotion or cream that suits you.

For a day without make-up: Priori CoffeeBerry Natural Daily Protection

Slightly tinted for a blend-able look for all skin-tones, this sinks in naturally, with smooth gentleness, with an SPF of 25. It looked great on, but with a slightly oily texture, it tends to need re-application at regular intervals. The unique CoffeeBerry extract formulation, looks to provide an even greater anti-oxidant effect that green tea- known for its anti-aging benefits. Brilliant used from face to neck for a look that is both effortless and wise.

For handy travel sized sun-care on the go: Eco Lips face-stick (Organic)

With its eco-clip attachment, you really could be on the go and still have fab SPF 30 sun-screen right there with you. I mean, you could be climbing the peaks of the highest mountains or sailing around the world's widest ocean and still have this right at your side (Please note, its perhaps advisable to see whether you need something other than this if you really are on your way up some amazing mountain). Its not only suitably useful like this, but also incredibly easy to use. Upon application, it sinks straight in, leaving only a fine film of moisturising goodness. Its like a mega sized lip balm of SPF wonder perfect for your handbag/man-bag.

Best for complimenting your foundation: Shiseido sun-protection stick-foundation in Transparent

Despite being labelled a foundation in itself, i've found that using this sheer and chic SPF 30 as a primer, really does make you look sun-sational (do you see what I did there- Hurr!). It leaves you looking dewy and moisturised, the perfect base, or really, a great alternative for a foundation-less natural look. With a silky texture, it blends in within seconds for all over face protected-perfection. Its also water-resistant, for a longer lasting sun-care solution, in a convenient easy to apply design.

For all over simple sun-screen with maximum hydration: Liz Earle mineral sun-cream

With a SPF 20, this smooth, thick yet creamy sun cream is certainly something that leaves you feeling complete. With shea butter and vitamin-E, it does leave a white film initially, but soon sinks in for a moisturised feel. Its gentle natural scent is refreshing, and its a wonderful product that says its suitable for those with skin which is slightly more sensitive.

For a good all rounder: Origins Daily SPF 25 Sun Screen

Oil free and bursting with natural ingredients, this sun-cream already has a Green beauty award to be happy about. Seaweed extracts help to stop dryness, and this is reflected in its lotion like texture. Light yet substantial in a way, its not bad under make-up, apply after your moisturiser and allow a few moments to absorb. Again, this is known to be an effective cream for those who find some creams irritating. Have a glance for more info here-