Liz Earle Launches Botanical Shine Hair-care!

Guess what?
Liz Earle has launched a new Hair-care range, and there does not seem to be a bad-hair-day all around!

In the glorious delights of Liz's flagship store just off of King's Road, Chelsea, Whim Biscuit joined fellow beauty bloggers for the exclusive reveal of a range of products that have been years in the making.

Why hair-care?: Because the loyal Liz Earle customers wanted the products and the company listened.

Why so many years of product-development?: Because the Liz Earle team care passionately about getting everything just right, with the correct ingredients, to suit all hair-types.

Launched this September (with eager customers already waiting in line), we were all greeted with a fascinating and in depth discussion around getting these products off the ground. Jennifer Hirsch, Liz Earle's botanical research manager (read as: botanical ingredients expert extraordinaire) spoke of her and the team's travels across the globe, including Liz and co-founder Kim Buckland, to source the very best ingredients to form the most wonderful formulations they could possibly create.
With Liz stating that scalp-care is just as important as skin-care, it was vital that the products are up to the companies standards. As an eczema sufferer herself, Liz knew for example that it would have to be good enough for all skin/hair types to use. With no SLS or SLES, a known irritant that can be found in many foaming products from facial to floor wash, as exactly the kind of consideration taken with every chosen ingredient- the team thought necessary to ensure that everything they used was only used for a reason.
It was wonderful to hear that alongside the lovely oils and extracts they chose, perhaps to make that trademark natural scent, they also looked at the sustainable considerations of sourcing particular things. They said they looked at the culture of the use of the ingredients, realising that what people want from hair-care is to have naturally healthy looking lustre, so learning about what particular ingredients have what particular properties is important.
For example, in the conditioners: They use Yangu oil from Kenya, which they say has been used in the country over the decades by the local people for its moisturising properties. Or the Shea Butter, with its nourishing effect, harvested in Ghana, where we were told that 450 women harvest it as income, at the same time helping to protect their eco-system. Each conditioner has a unique formulation (more details below about how to choose what conditioner is right for your hair-type), carefully designed to provide the same quality result despite the type-of-hair.
Yet it is the shampoo that is truly innovative. Much like the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish cleanser, it is surprisingly a 'suits all' formulation. Tested and tested among all the team, it took over 100 different tries to get it right.

So, with nearly 20,000 people waiting on pre-order, perhaps its worth discussing the different products to get an idea, of which conditioner (in this case) would be suitable for you.

The cleanse and polish for hair care. Suitable for all hair types, contains a natural coconut active wash that even foams!

-Normal: contains Meadowfoam oil (grown as a rotational-crop), which is designed to allow for suitable conditioning without heavy build up of product.
-Oily: with Black-Cohosh extract, a non-oil based lightweight emolient, looking to make hair prone to more excessive-oily-ness soft and moisturised to an ideal level.
-Dry/Damaged: Shea Butter, chosen for its very nourishing qualities, for a rich creamy conditioner.

Using the product myself, I found the Shampoo particularly lovely to use. Its strong but naturally vibrant scent was soothing and invigorating (almost citrus tones). Something that the majority of people will no doubt like. Indeed the stylish packaging is also designed to accommodate the tastes of both men and women. I noticed no build up of product, and hair seemed cleansed yet healthy. Definitely no need to double-shampoo, like other products say is required. Due to the use of natural foaming ingredients, it will not lather up like a bubble-bath, but instead Liz Earle recommend these few steps:
- Thoroughly wet the hair before using the shampoo. Like... super completely.
-Use only a small coin sized amount and work into a lather before applying to hair.
-Do not add more product to get more lather. Just add more water.
The conditioner is wonderful, and I tried the dry choice as I felt I needed a bit of a moisturising moment- and it was great. Really creamy, and I used far less conditioner than I usually would. I would recommend you ensure the ends of your hair are focused on the most, as these tend to need the most moisture. Indeed, the 200ml bottle of conditioner is said to contain 29 washes.

The collection is due for launch:
In Liz Earle stores on 2ndSeptember 2010
In JohnLewis from 6thSeptember 2010.

Both Shampoo and conditioners are reasonable in their cost of £7.50each (200ml), or 50ml for travel size at only £4.00each.


With Whim Biscuit next time... a behind the scenes tour of Liz Earle's-HQ. From packaging (which is beautiful) to product-design (inspiring), all the way to meeting Liz herself before an exclusive customer event celebrating a product that is literally sold every few seconds...
So yes, there is more from the land of Liz Earle and her team, as well as some top-tips from her wonderful book, yet there is also so sooooo much more...