Whim Biscuit and the mystery of the Elemis Day Spa...

Mysterious it is, disappointing it is not.
Located in London's trendy Mayfair, just off the hustle and bustle of Bond Street, your friendly neighborhood Whim Biscuit adventured into the luxury of the Elemis Day Spa.

Never been to a spa before? Always been a home-facial kind of person? Me too!.. Thus something like a tumbleweed I appeared, red in the face from what I hoped looked like a graceful gazelle like loping to ensure a prompt arrival (presuming of course gazelles run only using both right legs, sporting an erratic windswept back-combed hair-do). Despite this hectic reality, there is nothing quite like the calm and chic that resonates from the tranquil environment that is the Spa from the moment you step through the door...
A member of staff on my arrival was helpful and pleasant, gesturing to the elegant waiting area decorated with a variety of the usual beautifully packaged Elemis products. Over your choice of complimentary teas or fruit smoothies, a questionnaire is handed to you in order to ensure that the beauty-treatment you receive is of course suitable just for you.
Relaxing and waiting, another women arrives for her appointment, and another still emerges from around the corner. Both have something in common- they have a definite high fashion look- sleek tailored clothes, power heels, and manicured to perfection nails. They both ooze with sophistication, however there is most definitely a distinct difference. Whilst the woman who has just arrived talks/demands on the telephone, a diary, nail-polish, book, and what seems to be a really tiny comb (?!?) tumbling out of her hands- the woman who has emerged from her treatment seems to be floating on air. Her expression is the epitome of delighted contentment, and for all her very considered expensive looking fashion, the fact that her hair is now haphazardly sticking out in all directions, just adds to this wonderfully serene scene. She seems to agree- waltzing out of the building with a mere pat to her hair, a grinning roll-of-the-eyes. Who cares if you look like a hedgehog? A particularly fashionable hedgehog yes, but hey, your happy and the sun is shining (kind of)...

When my very own Elemis beauty-expert greets me with a smile, and she guides me to the 'Earth Room'- at least I think that is what it was called/should be called (except maybe 'moon room' as it is about a million steps upstairs), for it is beautiful, in its very carefully designed natural way. I am told that the next hour or so is all about relaxing and being pampered (hooray!), so she points to a robe to change into in the cupboard, and exits the room.
Huh?- I think.
I thought I was having a facial?
Why would I have to have to change for a facial?
My face doesn't have clothes on...
Did she say to take the clothes off, or not to take the clothes off?
Oh no.
(Insert a moment of confused panic)
She said something about keeping pants on...but what if she means trousers when she says pants?
(Include a nervous dance in the middle of the room)
Ok... just change into the robe and wait.
This is a good plan.
(Then few minutes of wondering what to do now. Where is she? Has she forgotten? Will I have to venture downstairs in the robe only to discover I was not supposed to change, resulting in much pointing and laughing?)
So, opening the door very slightly I look outside, robe wrapped determinedly around me...
'Are you ready?' she asks stood outside with a slightly bemused smile, 'You just have to knock the door if you are ready'.

After realizing that I have probably changed attire correctly due to the lack of any sort of questioning look, we sit for a moment, and she talks me through the facial. Apparently, a good facial includes massage, and this massage should include the neck and shoulders. The treatment also begins with a complementary foot and leg massage. How Wonderful!
Raising a beautifully patterned sheet in order to begin the facial, I am to remove the robe and slide under the sheet. Except apparently its not that simple.
'Erm, could you perhaps turn over?' she asks.
Oh yes. Of course. Facials do usually take place on faces, not backs of heads.
'It's ok, lots of people do that' she says as I turn around awkwardly.
I think that it is probably as when you see spas on TV or something, everyone always seems to be having a back massage, so when theres a massage-bed, you kind of just automatically think you should go into back massage mode. Oh dear...
I digress.

The facial starts, like mentioned before, with the foot and leg massage, and oh-my-days is it wonderful! Laughing and dismissing my comment around ignoring stubbly legs, lovely warm towels were expertly massaged- and from then on in- everything is bliss.
Facials start like every good skin-care routine- with the cleansing. I believe it was double cleansing, followed by toning. Yet it is the Papaya enzyme peel, with its distinctly lovely exotic scent and that I notice after this (a product used by fans all over the world for its very gentle exfoliating properties). Following this, its luxury radiance serum time, before a thick creamy mask is applied and left while this veritable beauty-expert quite expertly provides a great head massage. I learn later when I ask where I can get this mask from, that it is this particular product that is 'spa only'. Apparently its the star of the show, and the mask (a mineral-rich-peel-off-mask) is the reason people return again and again for their Elemis facials.
The pampering continues with yet another mask, this time of the Exotic Cream Moisturising variety, as well as a wonderful neck and shoulder massage. Bliss indeed with the inclusion of a wonderful essential oil blend (note to self- must find out what awesome blend is!).
The conclusion of the treatment is a focus on cream moisturisers for the eye-area, face and neck, a superb finale to a spectacular hour of amazing-ness. Speaking about the facial afterwards, I was given a list of recommended products I had not tried before and an idea for another facial she also does,which she thought would be good. I found this ever so useful, as she tailored it to suit, and obviously I did not know about all the products in the Elemis range.

Glancing at my face in a mirror on the way out, I smile at the healthy radiance of my skin, what a result! I feel relaxed, a tad sleepy, and thoroughly pampered. It is truly a luxurious place this Elemis spa of wonder, and I feel just like that woman from earlier looked... I even give my own even more wind-and-now-massage-swept hair what I think to be one of those confident advert style hair-tosses, grinning away as I walk past the fancy fashion boutiques.
That is until...
'Erm, excuse me...but I think your dress is inside out..?'

Facial reviewed: Elemis Modern-Skin Facial