Jolly Green....People

Organic life-style brand Green-People have in their repertoire a selection of some of the finest products about. From hair-care to deodorant, and make-up in-between, they offer the best quality with the best ingredients. Complaining? hell-to-the-no!


Anti-aging facial Oil

  • Suitable for all skin-types
  • Contains Rosehip oil, looking to improve skin elasticity
  • Seeks to help support the structure of the skin
  • Use for anti-ageing action
  • Has a gentle scent of Rose Geranium & Rosemary
  • Made with fairly traded, organic ingredients
  • Certified with the Organic Food Federation
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Phew. Tis a lot of good in there. Wasn't entirely sure a mere bottle such as this could contain such epic-ness. Yet it did. Win!
Silky smooth and matt to the touch, upon application, this super-oil of wonder is the perfect base to any skin-care routine me-thinks. Used under daily moisturiser it has an amazing softening supple feel, and under night cream it will work its natural delights overnight. Yet it was the matt-y-ness that I was impressed with mostly. Most oils are sort of greasy for the face with a shine factor of ridiculous amounts, yet this absorbed well, and worked fabulously as a part of a massage. Cool-beans.

Organic Rosemary, pineapple, and lavender Shampoo/Conditioner

A natural shampoo for normal/oily hair & itchy scalp
  • Deep cleansing action for oily hair
  • Looks to help relieve an itchy scalp and may help to reduce dandruff
  • Stimulates circulation in the scalp
  • A little goes a long way!
A natural conditioner for normal/oily hair & itchy scalp
  • Intensive conditioning formula that looks to give soft, manageable hair
  • Rich in protein & natural B vitamins
  • Seeks to give hair a natural, healthy sheen
  • Formulated to perhaps stimulate scalp circulation & reduce dandruff
Super packed with smiles, this invigorating and dynamic (Yes dynamic. No I don't know why I am using this word it just sounds relatively super) shampoo was a bit of a winner in the whim-books. It's pleasant cheerful smell clung delightfully to damp locks, cleansing without stripping the hair of nutrients and love. The smallest pound-coin sized amount will be fine for even longer than shoulder length-hair, and with gentle massage, it is refreshing and relaxing to use. The conditioner is on the ok side of thick-and-creamy. Less putty more creme-brulee. It leaves hair nourished and soft, with no residue-like-build-up. Hoorah!

Eco-Eye Collection

Certified organic mineral eyeshadow compact
  • 4 in 1 warm, neutral shades in Cream, Fondant, Nutmeg and Espresso
  • Looks to be a gentle, crease-free formula to enhance eyes
  • Use individually or blend together for beautiful 'smokey eyes'
  • Seeks to not clog your pores, allowing skin to breathe naturally
  • Certified organic with EcoCert
  • Vegetarian not vegan due to beeswax content
A neutral natural earthy collection to make both a smashing day time look, or evening glamour chic. Although a tad chalky in texture, the powders do sit well with a relatively good lasting effect. Build-able for added depth, it is the perfect set to structured, orderly eye-shadow. Highlighters and downlighters for dramatic looks are included, free from parabens, phthalates and synthetic colourants to: "bring you the purest eye make up that nature can offer."-

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