Repair your hair day!

So apparently its February....and apart from the sunlight making everything lovely and sparkly like a enchanting Paris afternoon (Thank you to my friend for cheering up my morning with this comparison), it should really be re-named Frost-uary this year.

So it comes at no surprise that the 2nd of Frost-uary is the day that Brits are most at need of a hair-fix.

Charles Worthington of great salon fame, did extensive research into this, showing that there was a massive increase of 35% in hair treatments sold on this very date. This might be a combined result of the weather and the first pay-packet that hasn't had a dent due Xmas and New Years. That and of course with the prospect of Valentines around the corner, millions of people are styling themselves fabulous in the hope to attract a date on the evening you really don't wanna be sat at home with a copy of 'The Notebook' and our favourite twins (Ben and Jerry's).

What with the weather outside, and the central heating inside, it's no wonder our hair needs a bit of TLC. Moisturising treatments and a much sought after hair-dressers appointment are on the cards, so take some advise from man-in-the-know Marc Trinder, Creative Manager, for Charles Worthington Salons who says-
‘The early part of the year is a great time to focus on improving the texture and health of your hair as it’s likely to be damaged from the winter weather and over-styling during the party season. Damaged hair is more prone to splitting, tangling and breakage so it’s important to seal as much moisture into the hair as possible to keep it healthy and looking glossy. I recommend using a good at-home treatment like the new Charles Worthington Salon at Home Strength & Repair which offers intense nourishment and is proven to reduce hair breakage by 93%. And don’t sacrifice your regular trips to the salon for a trim, as getting rid of dry ends really helps to maintain the condition of your hair.’

....and how has the legend-Mr.Worthington himself responded?

Why with a Salon at Home Strength & Repair kit (RRP £19.99) – 'a treatment kit that restores dry, damaged and fragile hair to leave it looking healthy and intensely nourished – is exclusively available nationwide, at Boots'

Review to follow!