Because I guarantee you're worth it...

Hands up if you've been told washing your hair everyday is bad.
*Tentatively lifts arm, looking around the room for reassurance*
Hands up if you do anyway.
*Hangs head while raising a dejected palm*

Okay, so I do try not to, but at the very least I wash my fringe- I mean- its pretty mank leaving it all greasy and lank right?(times of hibernation and possibly sunday morning are excluded).
In any case, over washing and product over use can sometimes be worse that using heated things everyday. Thus I faced a dilemma.

Healthy and strong vs greasy and 'bleurgh'

Why compromise? Green people pride themselves on their natural and organic hair range, promoting the need of the hair to be treated with respect and to be protected from harsh chemicals.

'Every Green People shampoo is a:
Organic shampoo: We use certified organic ingredients in our shampoos.
Natural shampoo: We use pure, natural ingredients to create truly remarkable shampoos.
Gentle shampoo: Our shampoos are very gentle on the scalp and may also be suitable for those with skin conditions.
Toxin-free shampoo: We do not use nasty chemicals in our shampoos, only pure and safe ingredients. No SLS or parabens.
Eco-friendly shampoo: Our packaging is recyclable and our shampoos can be safely used in sensitive environments.'

Good grief, I hear you say, thats positively delightful! Well yes...I rather thought so too. Their shampoos leave your hair shiny, clean and healthy, and the lather you produce is light and delicate letting you know its gentle and kind to your scalp. Sensitive enough to use when needed, I have faith in no build-up, and no nasties attacking my hair.

Wash and learn my friends....wash and learn.