Magnificent Masks of Wonder

I like a good face mask. It's not just because I can apply them liberally and then spend most of my time trying to terrify people, by looming on staircases and jumping out to reveal my paste or clay covered face- I just like the hydrating or purifying effect they have. They are perfect for putting on while relaxing in the bath, and often can aid in balancing any combination/oily skin problems.

Two such wonder masks of absolute joy are:

Decleor Hydra Floral Flower Petals Eye and Lip Moisturising Mask

Phew...what a excessively long name. Well, I'll forgive it just because it's an excessively lovely product. Now, the reason why this is so special is that normally your not supposed to put masks on sensitive areas like around the eyes and lips, but this product is specifically for these places. It uses aquaporin technology, and natural plant ingredients to try to revive and refresh tired skin.
I found it luxurious to use, smoothly gliding on with an instantaneous moisturising effect (My drinks!) I also quite enjoyed the soothingness and almost plumping of these skin areas....Ok wait, there was no plumping around the eyes as you wouldn't want that, but that bit around my lips looked most pout-tacular. Plant extracts aim to protect against environmental pollution, and also try to reduce the appearance of dark, tired looking, circles.
More info here.

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

A clay based botanical mask of delight, it draws out any unwanted oily-ness and nasty bits. Mostly for combination skin, or skin with problem areas, it is not recommended for those with sensitivity issues. I really enjoyed using this as it has that really satisfying drying clay feel where your face feels 'set' and hard almost- then you get the awesome joy of cracking it all by smiling or making silly expressions (doesn't quite harden like old school clay masks- imagine a more moisture ridden interpretation). Included are two sponges to wipe away the mask after use. What a spiffing idea! I found the addition of sponge use, makes it almost a deep cleanse and exfoliation treatment in one, leaving my face clear, bright and fresh looking.