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Before our re-launch, one of the most commonly asked questions our readers asked was what we used, beauty product wise, every day when we aren’t reviewing. Whilst we get sent a lot of stuff to try, we always give open, honest reviews, which is something we pride ourselves on. If we say we like it and use it, we really do.
But inherently yes, there are products and places we always reach for more than others, so in the coming weeks we’ll be adding features on our favorites from ‘Our bathroom shelf’, ‘Mrs Biscuit’s make-up bag’, Mr Biscuits beard-y delights’- you get the picture. We’re starting with my (Mrs Biscuit) hair treatment advice, as it’s been a bit of an issue recently what with summer humidity and lots of sea swimming adventures.

As you might well know, I have long, dark hair. It varies between under shoulder and waist length throughout the year, and more often than not I have quite a thick fringe. Throughout the years however, where it used to be very thick, it is now sort of what my hairdresser defines as ‘normal’ thickness (whatever normal is- I’d love to know if hair just does get less thick over time, or whether you always have as much hair but just get a bigger head to spread them out on? Dilemma!), but is an annoying mix of ‘tends to get greasy roots vs dry split-ends’. I’m lucky that I like the colour of my hair and thus it’s in quite good condition where it’s not dyed, but as I always prefer it longer, I often go months without trimming the ends (hence the split-ends).

Over the summer months, and whilst we can really, we love to camp out in the sunshine, go to festivals, swim in the sea, and have picnics in fields. All of which, whilst rather splendid, aren’t that great for your hair. Indeed, I noticed just how dry it was the other day and immediately knew what I needed to use.

Without a doubt, my favorite go to brand for hair and scalp treatments is Philip Kingsley. A trichologist, he is the guru when it comes to caring for those areas, and his shop includes some really rather fab products. One of the most famous, and most outstanding being- Elasticizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it-
Intensely moisturising Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle; suppleness, elasticity and bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating the hair. Visible results from one application that improve with continued use. Fragrance free. Use once a week as a minimum for best results.”

Couldn't have put it better myself. You simply rub into damp/wet un-shampooed hair, and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse, then shampoo as normal. It leaves my hair fuller, softer, and in much better condition.

Next is something I literally couldn’t do without. I use it everyday and its marvelous! Philip Kingsley endeavours to look after your hair from root to tip, and that includes ensuring you use the right brush. Be it wavy, curly, or straight like mine, snags and tangles are a bother. Neither do you wish to stretch or damage wet hair before drying, so its essential you get this right.

My all time fave is the vented paddle brush, with is anti-static technology, rounded tips, and vented to let wet hair dry quicker, it’s a dream to use, and so easy to clean. Thanks Philip, you’re a star-
Now…..if only I could convince Mr Biscuit to use some hair treatments…..

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