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Aside from our own, these past few months have seen us attend sooo many Weddings it’s unreal.  Indeed, in the next year I know we have at least another x4 we already have invitations to.
Now we LOVE a good Wedding. They are glorious days full of emotion, dancing, and hopefully some uniqueness too. What’s difficult is ‘deciding what to wear to said Wedding’, and trying to get some uniqueness into your outfit.

Now men have it slightly easier. If they have a great suit they can pop it on with a trendy skinny tie, or team it up with a matching waistcoat for a instantly snazzy look, but for us women, finding an outfit that is both comfortable and Wedding-y enough is tough.
Sometimes you need to be practical, and perhaps finding a dress for example, that can be dressed up for the occasion, but also be used for like tea with friends, or date night , is really challenging.

This is where solved all my outfit dilemmas.
Image- short sleeve lace dress from site.

Not only do they have specific selection for different occasions from Weddings to first dates, they also give advice for accessories, underwear, and shoes that match to dress it down or up depending.

Yes, you need an account, and you can either opt to pay directly, or use their credit system to pay at a later date (often interest free), but the best highlights are-
-The great and easy free returns policy.
-The list of comments from customers on most items which are so useful.

This Wedding just gone, I literally ordered a selection of dresses to try without the hassle of rummaging all around the shops. They arrived in this instance, the next working day, and the comments from customers let me know if the dresses were running true to size, or slightly larger or smaller.
Low and behold, despite the dresses being ordered in a range of three different sizes, they all fit, and I unfortunately had to only choose one (as I was being sensible.).

So, get your glad rags on, dance the night away, and shop in style! Just go to 

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