Whim Biscuit Love of the month!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

It's like a little heavenly cloud in a pretty little pot.
My only issue is, I'm slightly concerned that I may run out of it one day, and then my skin will be full of woe. I love the way it smells like what the word 'divine' would smell of, and the fact that the rich, luxurious creamy-ness sinks in magnificently.

I was tempted to write this review in rhyme, just to prove how much I liked the product, but I decided against it, so I am sorry to disappoint (hey, its the thought that counts right?)

Ok, so despite the lovely thick look it has, it's also incredibly like a lotion, so its the perfect texture for one and all. I used it day and night, and then my friends tried it, and suddenly this little pot was worshipped until there was just a little bit left at the bottom...Alas!

An anti aging cream containing marine extract Padina Pavonica, it aims to transform your complexion. It also attempts to target hydration issues, and line depth. Oh yes, and of course it tries to address problems with firmness, elasticity, and give a free radical form of protection too.
My goodness! What else do you need?

Extend your hand Elemis...I want to shake it, and have a bit of a congratulatory moment.